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Bruno, the quirky, very high-maintenance cat was adopted :’)

This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice things that happened this week. Bruno, the beloved and very ~thicc~ polydactyl cat, has officially been adopted. We can all breathe a sigh of relief. The extremely high-maintenance feline captured the hearts of internet users everywhere after...CONTINUE READING

Mom’s poster asking to ‘borrow an orange cat’ isn’t as weird as it sounds

You often see posters from people asking for help finding their cat. Sometimes you even get posters from people who are looking to sell their cat. But it’s not often you see posters from people asking to borrow a cat. SEE ALSO: Nest Cam catches a truly ‘terrifying’ home invader On Monday, though, that was...CONTINUE READING

This viral cat has a deep love of peaches, but not in the way you’re thinking

It’s common knowledge that cats adore catnip, balls of string and tiny squeaking rodents  — but what’s far less well-documented is their deep love of peaches. SEE ALSO: Cat pokes head through hole in the ceiling, achieves instant fame Then again, perhaps Lydia Coutré’s parents’ cat is unique. My parents’ cat inexplicably LOVES peaches, and...CONTINUE READING
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An ode to the Instagram account that shames our terrible but lovable cats

Oh, cats. Please don’t come after me for saying this, but cats are terrible pets. They’re mischievous monsters that will completely ignore the perfectly good toys you buy in favor of shredding every piece of furniture in your home. They’ll have no interest in being pet at a reasonable hour, but will wake you up...CONTINUE READING
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