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Category / Cats

Creepy optical illusion of a lost cat poster turns its head as you walk by

A missing cat poster also became a creepy optical illusion.  As you walk past the poster, the cat’s face appears to follow. When the viewer veers left, the cat’s head turns to watch. When you lean right, so does the missing cat.  “Probably escaped from Azkaban or something,” the Redditor who posted the video said. ...CONTINUE READING

The only good thing to come out of Bitcoin is this cat

Bitcoin true believers have long promised a blockchain-based revolution, but the only true thing of value to come out of Satoshi’s white paper is this chill-ass cryptocat.   Sure, the scams and ransomware and general buffoonery in the blockchain space have all been pretty great, but none of that comes close to this Bitcoin maximalist...CONTINUE READING

How to brush your cat’s teeth, if you have the chillest cat in the world

Brushing a cat’s teeth is apparently something  that cat owners can (and probably should?) do, but the idea of sticking a toothbrush into a cat’s mouth isn’t exactly pleasant.  Luckily, the Helpful Vancouver Vet has a handful guide on how to brush those feline pearly whites. Or should we say … purr-ly whites. Anyway, assisting...CONTINUE READING

How to pick up a cat so it doesn’t scratch the sh*t out of your face

If you’ve ever been stumped by how to pick up a cat without getting scratched, never fear. This Vancouver vet has you covered.  Dr. Yuri Burstyn of Helpful Vancouver Vet demonstrates the proper way to handle a cat. According to Burstyn these techniques are not only comfortable for the cat, but also safer for humans....CONTINUE READING
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