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J.K. Rowling confirms a Hermione theory that we suspected all along

If you decide to give your character a name that’s any longer than two syllables, you had better believe that people are going to mispronounce it. The Harry Potter books are no exception. People managed with Harry and Ron okay, but the second it came to Voldemort and Hermione, the problems started. SEE ALSO: PSA:...CONTINUE READING

Lenny Kravitz can’t see what’s so funny about his giant scarf

Apparently Lenny Kravitz thinks that “ridiculously oversized” is a perfectly normal and reasonable size for a scarf on a chilly day. Kravitz was a guest on The Tonight Show, where host Jimmy Fallon confronted him with the giant scarf that became a meme as soon as it was exposed to daylight.  “I thought I’d put...CONTINUE READING

Kirsten Dunst had a hilariously awkward seating issue at the Emmys

Who hasn’t been able to find their seat at the most inopportune moment? Everyone, that’s who.  Hell, even Kirsten Dunst has been there. And, her scramble to find her seat was caught on television for all the world to see during the Emmys.  SEE ALSO: Emmy winner proposes to his girlfriend on stage, and it...CONTINUE READING

An old Lady Gaga tweet got turned into an honestly great meme

Little did Lady Gaga know when she tweeted out a seemingly random series of letters and numbers in 2012, that they would resurface six years later and get the ultimate meme treatment.  That is, nonetheless, what has happened. This gem of a random tweet resurfaced over the weekend, and internetters found it oddly relatable.  SEE...CONTINUE READING

Terry Crews shares apology letter from the agent that allegedly assaulted him

Terry Crews has accepted an apology from Adam Venit. SEE ALSO: Terry Crews hasn’t heard from ‘Expendables’ co-stars following assault claims On Friday, Crews posted the apology letter he received from former William Morris Endeavor agent, the man who Crews said sexually assaulted him at an industry function in 2016. The allegations first surfaced when...CONTINUE READING

Anna Kendrick made Barack Obama double over with laughter in 2012. Now we know why.

You want to know what real power looks like? Walking up to the President of the United States and calling him an asshole. During the era of Donald Trump, sure, saying something like that could go very badly. But back in 2012, when politics was less of a bloodsport and President Barack Obama still lived...CONTINUE READING

Ariana Grande shares a heartbreaking tribute to Mac Miller

Ariana Grande shared a heartbreaking video of Mac Miller after news of his passing broke last week.  In the video she posted on Instagram on Friday, Miller is mid-conversation when he notices Grande filming.  SEE ALSO: Rapper Mac Miller dies at 26 “Baby,” he laughs, trying to cover her phone before hiding in his hoodie. ...CONTINUE READING
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