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Hillary Clinton breaks her silence on Harvey Weinstein

After a damning report in The New York Times last week unearthed sexual assault allegations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, everyone was looking for Hillary Clinton.  Weinstein has been a prominent Democratic donor and fundraiser, including for the Clinton campaign. On Tuesday, after The New Yorker published yet another damning story about the producer, Clinton...CONTINUE READING

Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow also say they were sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein

Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie have both added their names to the long list of women who allege movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed them over the years. The latest New York Times report — which follows Ronan Farrow’s explosive New Yorker story published on Tuesday morning — is full of new, horrifying details, recounted...CONTINUE READING

Lin-Manuel Miranda tweets out about Harvey Weinstein allegations

Many people have spoken up against producer Harvey Weinstein, the majority of those voices have been from women in Hollywood.  Like many publications, The Guardian wrote about how many men have been silent during this ordeal—naming dozens of actors who are professionally affiliated with Weinstein. They reached out to and heard nothing from many of...CONTINUE READING

Bella Hadid goes sneaker shopping spree and it’s one hell of a ride

Words of advice: never take sneakers tips from supermodel Bella Hadid.  In a cringe-worthy sneaker shopping trip with Complex’s Joe La Puma, Hadid explained the dos and don’ts of wearing kicks. It was, predictably, pretty awkward— almost as if she googled “slang words” ahead of her interview. SEE ALSO: Bella Hadid won’t let anyone get...CONTINUE READING

Madea takes her first press conference as Trump’s new communications director

Madea (Tyler Perry) apparently now works for Donald Trump as his new communications director in a skit for The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon which aired Monday night. Throughout the skit, she is her sassy self and bluntly admits that she did not vote for Trump; she voted for Hillary three times. Then Jimmy Fallon...CONTINUE READING

George R.R. Martin says Trump is like a King Joffrey that never grew up

Hey, what do you know, a few years of Game of Thrones has made everyone involved terrified of a lust for power.  “Mr. Donald Trump — I wouldn’t call him President, I’ll call him Mister,” Kit Harington told Esquire, revealing an appropriate level of skepticism for anyone who’s even just read a GoT recap. “I...CONTINUE READING

Kathie Lee Gifford comes forward about sexual harassment from unnamed Hollywood producer

As Harvey Weinstein is officially ousted from The Weinstein Company and more and more people come forward to condemn his actions over the years, Kathie Lee Gifford has something to say. On Tuesday morning, the Today Show host revealed to co-host Hoda Kotb that she, too, has been on the receiving end of sexual harassment...CONTINUE READING

Donald Trump Jr. tried to come for Jimmy Kimmel this weekend—and it didn’t work out too well

Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. had nothing better to do than come for Jimmy Kimmel this weekend, 140 characters at a time. It backfired spectacularly.  Kimmel called for Trump to quit on Sunday morning after the president tweeted his displeasure with late night hosts who he believes are “dealing with the Democrats” due to...CONTINUE READING

Meryl Streep encourages women to call out sexual harassment in Hollywood

Hollywood is in the midst of a sexual harassment maelstrom, the latest wave beginning with Thursday’s exposure of years of allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Meryl Streep issued a statement to The Huffington Post Monday calling Weinstein’s behavior “disgraceful” and the women who exposed him “heroes.” SEE ALSO: Harvey Weinstein’s harassment was an open secret in...CONTINUE READING
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