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Demi Lovato now co-owns the rehab facility where she received treatment

Demi Lovato is now a co-owner of CAST Centers, the Los Angeles facility where she sought treatment in 2013. The singer, who has struggled with substance abuse, bulimia, bipolar disorder and depression, told CBS’s Tracy Smith that “it feels good” to buy into the center that houses the programs that helped her heal. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

<div>Calvin Harris says 'all hell broke loose' after Taylor Swift breakup. Well, duh.</div>

All Hell Broke Loose would be a pretty good Taylor Swift album name.  That’s also how Calvin Harris described the end of his relationship with Swift and the subsequent social media fallout to British GQ. He now regrets that whole mess and insists it is not what he came for.  SEE ALSO: Congratulations, Calvin Harris!...CONTINUE READING

Go ahead and sob when you watch Katy Perry meet a survivor of the Orlando shooting

You probably didn’t wake up thinking Katy Perry would make you cry today, but get ready. Tony Marrero, a survivor of the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, Florida, visited The Ellen Degeneres Show to share his story. One of the things that helped him through the aftermath of the tragedy was Perry’s inspirational song “Rise,”...CONTINUE READING

Miles Teller apologizes to the internet for his terrifying bleached hair

While there may be no particular science to whether or not certain people can pull off certain looks, sometimes, a hair experiment qualifies as objectively stomach-churning.  This summer, Miles Teller learned that lesson when the actor and natural brunette bleached his hair. After some deeply upsetting results, he is taking the necessary steps to earn...CONTINUE READING
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<div>'Birth of a Nation' star Gabrielle Union: 'I cannot take these allegations lightly'</div>

The Birth of a Nation star Gabrielle Union, longtime advocate for sexual assault victims and herself a survivor, says she’s experiencing “stomach-churning confusion” about allegations against Nate Parker — but is still urging people to see the movie. “As important and ground-breaking as this film is, I cannot take these allegations lightly,” Union wrote Friday...CONTINUE READING
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