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Their space in London broke them up. In order that they purchased a ship and taken up two youngsters on it. — Mashable Originals

Katy and Tom bought a boat 12 years ago. Today, they still live on that boat, which is fit with a secret bookcase passage and a large garden overlooking a field of wild horses. Oh, and they have two kids who have lived on the boat all their lives.  Katy says the boat saved their...CONTINUE READING

A mommy blogger’s post about her son is going viral for all the wrong reasons

This episode of Black Mirror sucks. In the ultimate backhanded compliment against her own son, mommy blogger Katie Bower took to Instagram to wish her child a happy sixth birthday, and to lament the fact that “his photos never got as many likes.” SEE ALSO: Influencer sued for not promoting Snap’s Spectacles enough “From a...CONTINUE READING

5 ways we can teach kids how to handle romantic rejections

The internet has changed how kids learn about sex, but sex ed in the classroom still sucks. In Sex Ed 2.0, Mashable explores the state of sex ed and imagines a future where digital innovations are used to teach consent, sex positivity, respect, and responsibility. Have you ever had a weird question about sex? We...CONTINUE READING

Little Baby Bum has billions of views on YouTube — and just sold for millions

Did you know that a near hour-long collection of children’s nursery rhymes set to 3D animation is the 20th most popular YouTube video ever? The video, with over 2 billion views and counting on the site, was created by the YouTube channel Little Baby Bum.  And the husband-and-wife duo behind the popular channel just sold...CONTINUE READING

YouTube lets parents handpick videos their kids can see

YouTube is taking some extra steps to give parents more control over what their children watch. In a blog post today, YouTube announced two updates to their YouTube Kids app to improve user experience for the millions of children and parents who use the app.  The biggest update, which YouTube first introduced in April, is...CONTINUE READING

6 problems with the foster care system — and what you can do to help

When Tenaja Jordan came out to her parents at 17 years old, they kicked her out of their home. As a teenager, she was still considered a child in the eyes of the state, and was immediately placed into New York City’s child welfare system. Following the trauma of the situation, one question remained on...CONTINUE READING

Why a $95 million bill to study tech’s effects on kids might actually pass this time

Congress wants to spend $95 million to study how gadgets and social media affects children.  The proposal for the Children and Media Research Advancement Act, or CAMRA Act, was introduced Thursday in the U.S. Senate. A bipartisan group is behind the bill, so it might actually have a chance of passing.  SEE ALSO: We don’t...CONTINUE READING

Kids are being torn away from their parents. This Twitter thread provides vital context.

Facts can only do so much.  The Trump administration-authored policy of separating migrant children from their parents has sparked outrage all across the United States. As horrible as the basic facts are to most rational sensibilities, they’re easy to distort on paper — as one Gizmodo reporter’s Twitter thread makes clear. SEE ALSO: Shut the...CONTINUE READING

Poster of lockdown song in kindergarten classroom will break your heart

It’s 2018 and kids in kindergarten are learning letters, numbers, shapes, and how to survive school shootings. Since more than 20 school shootings have taken place in 2018 so far, educators are taking serious measures to teach students what to do in the event of an active shooter or other emergency on campus. And while...CONTINUE READING

Adorable little girl has the most terrifying imaginary friend ever

Kids just say the darndest most soul-crushingly terrifying things, don’t they? Meet Ruby, 3, who either has an extremely vivid imagination or is being haunted by a pregnant teen ghost. The little girl’s description of her imaginary friend (who, frankly, sounds more like a trapped spirit from another era) was tweeted on Monday by actress...CONTINUE READING
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