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China is cracking down at the nation’s Twitter customers

“Twitter jail” has a different meaning in China. In most of the Western world, if a Twitter user tweets too much, the user’s account gets locked in what has become known “Twitter jail.” If a Twitter user in China tweets, they face actual jail time. China is ramping up its crackdown on the country’s Twitter...CONTINUE READING

Elon Musk breaks flooring on new Tesla manufacturing unit in Shanghai

Rev your (electric) engines. Elon Musk joined Chinese officials to break ground on a brand spankin’ new Tesla factory in Shanghai Monday. The ‘Gigafactory 3’ in Shanghai will produce Model 3 and upcoming Model Y Teslas sold in China. SEE ALSO: Elon Musk‘s Twitter in 2018: Lawsuits, dank memes, and ‘funding secured’ Also beginning Monday,...CONTINUE READING

In a global first, a Chinese language spacecraft has simply landed at the some distance facet of the moon

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) managed to successfully land the lunar probe Chang’e-4 on the far side of the moon. This remarkable accomplishment marks the first time in history that a spacecraft is touching down on the part of the moon that is not visible from Earth. Read more…More about Space, China, Mashable Video,...CONTINUE READING

China lands probe at the a ways facet of the moon in an international first

While you’ve been watching Ultima Thule, China has landed a spacecraft on the far side on the moon in what is a giant leap for its space program. State media reported that the China National Space Administration soft-landed its Chang’e-4 lander and rover in the Von Kármán crater on Thursday at 10:26 a.m. Beijing time...CONTINUE READING
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A Chinese language Airbnb competitor is rolling out facial popularity locks

Sharing someone else’s home is about to get even creepier. The Chinese Airbnb competitor Xiaozhu is rolling out locks that open with facial recognition, according to the South China Morning Post. The locks are reportedly meant to address security concerns. But they will also assist the Chinese government in monitoring the comings and goings of...CONTINUE READING

It’s more and more taking a look like China used to be at the back of the large Marriott knowledge hack

All signs point to China when it comes to the massive Marriott hack that came to light last month. The data breach that exposed personal data of around 500 million guests of the hotel chain is believed to part of a Chinese state-run espionage operation, according to multiple sources briefed on the U.S. government’s investigation...CONTINUE READING

Apple recordsdata enchantment on iPhone gross sales ban in China

Apple is appealing a decision that bans certain iPhone models from being sold in China. As reported by CNBC, the tech giant filed an appeal on Monday, after San Diego-based chipmaker Qualcomm was granted multiple injunctions against Apple’s Chinese subsidiaries earlier that day. SEE ALSO: Apple’s latest business move hints at a Netflix-like approach with...CONTINUE READING
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