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Climate deniers love to repeat this dead wrong talking point. Here’s how to refute it.

On Sunday morning, CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked U.S. Senator Marco Rubio whether he thought the changing climate on Earth today was “at least in part” caused by humans.  On live television, Rubio acknowledged that humans were partly responsible, and then immediately sowed some doubt into his answer. “I think many scientists would debate what...CONTINUE READING

Climate change could threaten the world’s beer supply. Do you care about global warming now?

Some 10,000 years ago, after the frigid Ice Age ended, humans tamed the nutritious grain, barley.  It blossomed in a fertile realm of early civilization spanning contemporary states like Israel, Palestine, Jordan and beyond. Then 5,000 years later, peoples in the Zagros Mountains of modern-day Iran learned to brew barley beer. Today, farmers globally harvest...CONTINUE READING

Trump tells ’60 Minutes’ that climate change will ‘change back again’

In a seemingly rare instance, Donald Trump was pressed about his views on climate change on Sunday in an interview with 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl. Although Trump stepped back from his previous claims that climate change is a hoax, he stopped short of acknowledging that it is a manmade problem, and claimed that global warming...CONTINUE READING

A 19-mile-long crack has opened up on the vulnerable Antarctic coast. What’s next?

Over a matter of days in late September, Stef Lhermitte watched via satellite as a new, massive crack formed along the edge of Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier.  Just last year that glacier shed a Manhattan-sized slab of ice. But that particular iceberg was relatively small. Lhermitte, a geoscientist specializing in remote sensing at the Netherlands’...CONTINUE READING

Things in the middle of the Arctic are getting really strange

In the deep middle of the remote Arctic Ocean, things are amiss. With the passage of summer, the ice — diminished by the warm season — is expected to regrow as frigid temperatures envelope the Arctic.  But, this year, it’s not.  Specifically, sea ice in the Central Arctic basin — a massive region of ocean...CONTINUE READING

The most damning conclusions from the UN’s special climate change report

A grim dose of climate change news has arrived, and top scientists are urging us to deal with it — now.   The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — the global agency tasked with providing objective analyses of the societal impacts of climate change — released a powerful report Sunday evening.  It...CONTINUE READING

High-tech paint could cool cities around the world

Cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, Madrid, and Paris have all acknowledged the bubble-like hotter temperatures within their cities, known widely as the Urban Heat Island effect.  Though some cities have tried a couple of different ways to combat the heat — like Madrid’s car-less day or New York’s movement to paint rooftops white...CONTINUE READING

Remarkably warm oceans spawned 2017’s massive hurricanes

There’s no doubt that hurricanes are complicated beasts with complex origins.  But following the Atlantic’s extremely active 2017 hurricane season, a group of scientists at Princeton University’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory have identified a connection between the six major hurricanes — with winds over 110 mph — that churned in the ocean, three of which...CONTINUE READING

Arctic ice hit one of its lowest points on record, but there’s another grim statistic

Sea ice in the Arctic has just about melted to its lowest point of 2018, and this reinforces a trend of dwindling ice atop the globe — where the climate is warming two to three times faster than the rest of the planet. As of last week, it’s the sixth-lowest ice extent — known as the...CONTINUE READING

If Earth’s great ice sheets start collapsing, massive undersea walls could hold them back

It would be best for humanity if the colossal ice sheets that blanket Antarctica stayed put. But, there’s growing evidence that as the planet heats up, these sprawling glaciers could begin flowing into the ocean at an accelerated pace, boosting sea levels not in feet — but yards. To halt the melting ice, some scientists...CONTINUE READING
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