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The Climate Channel previews ice typhoon in frightening immersive blended fact

Let Jim Cantore scare you into staying inside this weekend. The Weather Channel meteorologist stars in a new video previewing this weekend’s winter storm, which is set to strike the Midwest and Northeast. Like the network’s previous videos about storm surges and wildfires, the segment utilizes immersive mixed reality (IMR), which means that that simulated...CONTINUE READING

Audio recorded within rainforests unearths a rowdy symphony of nature

The deep rainforest is a symphony.  In the rainforests of Indonesia, New Guinea, and other wild lands, scientists strapped microphones to trees and recorded the boisterous howls, grumbles, and shrieks that echo through the woods. It’s called bioacoustics, and in a new paper published Thursday in the journal Science, researchers highlighted the value of using...CONTINUE READING

Extremely detailed satellite tv for pc photographs display volcano’s cave in after volcanic tsunami

Two weeks ago, a deadly volcanic tsunami struck in Indonesia’s Sunda Strait, catching residents by surprise. Clouds have obscured people from capturing the aftermath, but earth observation company Planet Labs managed to capture high resolution images of the Anak Krakatau volcano.  SEE ALSO: Explaining the deadly volcanic tsunami that hit Indonesia The volcano’s cone collapsed...CONTINUE READING

Explaining the fatal volcanic tsunami that hit Indonesia

Hundreds are dead, with more missing, following a tsunami that took the Indonesian coast by surprise on Dec. 22.  But this was no typical tsunami. Rather, it was a volcanic tsunami, and understanding what that means may help explain why this particular manifestation of nature‘s power was so devastating.  The tsunami that struck between the...CONTINUE READING

Local weather trade made those 17 excessive climate occasions radically worse

Just as scientists confidently predicted last century, climate change is pushing weather to extremes all over the planet.  A new report, published Monday by the American Meteorological Society, again proves the point. The 100-page report assessed 17 extreme weather events from 2017 — including floods, droughts, and heat waves — and determined global warming either...CONTINUE READING

Camp Hearth survivor elated to seek out canine ready at their burned down area

When Andrea Gaylord was forced to evacuate the devastating Camp Fire in Northern California in November, she couldn’t get back home to take her dog Madison with her to safety as the fires spread. The evacuation order was lifted nearly a month after it was instated in Paradise, California, and Gaylord was beside herself to...CONTINUE READING

How the environment is connected to economic growth — and how to boost both

Earth’s natural resources largely determine the global economy’s ebb and flow. As such, the effects of climate change continue to cause concern among economists and environmentalists alike.  In 2018, professors William Nordhaus and Paul Romer won the Nobel Prize in Economics for their work exploring how climate change affects economic stability. Ultimately, the pair’s research...CONTINUE READING

Trump administration changes EPA website to be kinder to fracking

At the beginning of the year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made changes to its website pages on fracking.  A watchdog group known as the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative tracked those changes across the EPA’s site and just released a report documenting the group’s findings. The result of the changes has left an official...CONTINUE READING
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