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PepsiCo’s new meals supply robots are each school stoner’s dream

You’re hungry, you’re parched, you’re terrified of the outside world, and the prospect of moving off of your bean bag is a true impossibility. What is there to do? For some college students, you order from a snack delivery robot, of course! Ladies and gents, meet the Snackbot.  On Thursday, PepsiCo announced that is is...CONTINUE READING

A resourceful student turned to Tinder for help studying for her midterm

A student struggling with math turned to Tinder for last minute help.  College sophomore Maddi McMaster has taken calculus twice, and she was at her breaking point right before her midterm. “My strongest subject is definitely English,” she said over Twitter DM. “I’ve always been terrible at math, so God knows why I chose an...CONTINUE READING

How a college meme group regained control after a hacker took it hostage

It’s Troll Week on Mashable. Join us as we explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of internet trolling. Facebook meme groups are the lifeblood of modern college culture. For one school, a power struggle between a hacker and shitposters became a bonding experience for a whole student body.  If there’s anything that this...CONTINUE READING

Apple Wallet will support college student ID cards

Good news, coeds. Apple announced that it’s launching a pilot program with three universities to support student ID cards in Apple Wallet. Students can add their ID cards to Apple Wallet, allowing them to do things like access dorms or pay for cafeteria meals holding their iPhones or Apple Watches above card readers.  Sayonara, too-easily-lost...CONTINUE READING

Meme perfectly explains the difference between freshman and and senior year

There’s something so embarrassing, yet sweet, about how excited you were before the first day of school freshman year.  By the time senior year of high school or college rolls around, it’s easy to catch yourself doing things a bit differently than the wide-eyed kid you were four years ago. Thankfully there’s a meme that...CONTINUE READING

Instagram returns to Facebook roots with university-based groupings

When Facebook started off it was essentially an online yearbook based entirely on where you went to college — you could only log in if you had a .edu email address. In the intervening 14 years the social media platform has changed the digital landscape (to put it mildly), acquired other networks like Instagram, and...CONTINUE READING

Mom finds very creative new use for her daughter’s degree

“Your degree won’t keep you warm at night.” Anyone with a degree in anything associated with arts or humanities has likely heard some variation of this statement.  Well, Twitter user @blahblahSPEAK’s master’s degree might do literally that, thanks to her brilliant mom. SEE ALSO: Looking for love on campus: Best dating apps for college students...CONTINUE READING
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