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11 commencement tales that may make you satisfied you are executed with faculty

Hold onto your grandma, or she may rush the stage.   Once classes end for seniors, the only thing standing between them and the rest of their lives is a graduation ceremony. These uppity events are full of speeches, applause, and awkwardly tense moments. While they’re meticulously planned, from the seating to the staging, there’s...CONTINUE READING

Professor assists in keeping a hilarious record of slang phrases he learns from scholars

Nothing is more cringe-inducing than when your professor (or any adult, really) tries get hip with the kids and sprinkles some totally rad teen lingo into their everyday lectures.  That’s why one professor goes the extra mile to avoid stepping into “How do you do, fellow kids?” territory. Twitter user @mewtailv2 posted a picture of...CONTINUE READING

Individuals are sharing movies and images in their school professors being ridiculous

Imagine you’re in high school, goofing around and chatting with your friends when your teacher breaks out the classic phrase — “you won’t be able to get away with this in college!”  The image is then conjured in your mind of how college must be a time insanely rigid deadlines (no extensions EVER), uptight teachers...CONTINUE READING

FAFSA’s saucy respond to a top schooler’s sumptuous promenade video has scholars wired

FAFSA has everyone scouring their social media accounts.  If you’ve attended college, you’ve probably had to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or a FAFSA, which is basically a set of documents asking the government for funds to help out with tuition. Because you need to “prove” your need for financial aid,...CONTINUE READING

Persons are jokingly asking USC to imagine admitting their very talented canines

Unleash the scholarships!  In the wake of the college admissions scandal that shocked the internet, jokes about the situation have proliferated. The first round consisted of people tweeting out the “old-fashioned” ways they got into college. Now, the dogs want in.  People have begun posting photos of their pets along with their “credentials,” asking USC...CONTINUE READING

Everybody’s joking in regards to the ‘out of date’ techniques they were given into faculty

Everyone has a different experience applying to colleges. Some take the traditional route by working hard in high school, studying for standardized tests, and writing a thoughtful essay, while others leave their educational fate in the hands of their parents.  After news of a college admissions scandal broke on Tuesday, many people were compelled to...CONTINUE READING

PepsiCo’s new meals supply robots are each school stoner’s dream

You’re hungry, you’re parched, you’re terrified of the outside world, and the prospect of moving off of your bean bag is a true impossibility. What is there to do? For some college students, you order from a snack delivery robot, of course! Ladies and gents, meet the Snackbot.  On Thursday, PepsiCo announced that is is...CONTINUE READING

A resourceful student turned to Tinder for help studying for her midterm

A student struggling with math turned to Tinder for last minute help.  College sophomore Maddi McMaster has taken calculus twice, and she was at her breaking point right before her midterm. “My strongest subject is definitely English,” she said over Twitter DM. “I’ve always been terrible at math, so God knows why I chose an...CONTINUE READING

How a college meme group regained control after a hacker took it hostage

It’s Troll Week on Mashable. Join us as we explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of internet trolling. Facebook meme groups are the lifeblood of modern college culture. For one school, a power struggle between a hacker and shitposters became a bonding experience for a whole student body.  If there’s anything that this...CONTINUE READING
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