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AMC comes for MoviePass with $20/month Stubs membership — and it sounds awesome

AMC is adding a monthly subscription service that allows customers to see more movies at lower cost – you know, like MoviePass. The new program will cost $19.95/month for up to three movies a week along with AMC Stubs membership benefits. AMC denounced MoviePass in 2017 after its unprecedented $9.95/month unlimited subscription, which allows users...CONTINUE READING

Watch Ed Moses, a former U.S. Olympic swimmer, compete on Netflix's 'Ultimate Beastmaster'

Are you a beast? Ed Moses, a former U.S. Olympic swimmer, wants to be. The athlete was among the 108 competitors to tackle Netflix’s first reality competition series Ultimate Beastmaster. Mashable got an exclusive look (above). The show launched across the globe on Friday. SEE ALSO: Netflix’s ‘Mystery Science Theater’ gets release date, perfect cast...CONTINUE READING
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Company’s Christmas competition results in very awkward Instagram hashtag fail

When you’re running an Instagram competition, it’s important to get your hashtag game on point. You want something snappy, something catchy — maybe something with a bit of alliteration. Something that will be memorable. SEE ALSO: British man complains about crooked bread, gets a perfect response This was clearly the thought process British baking company...CONTINUE READING

When you’re on the high school diving team, get ready for some fails

If you’ve ever been pushed into or tried out for a high school sports team, you probably had your fair share of embarrassing moments.  But don’t worry, you’ll never have to relive them – unless they’re posted on social media… Twitter user Lesley Goynes (@lesleygoynes) shared a cringe-worthy video of a friend over the weekend,...CONTINUE READING

Hover cars aren’t as far off as you think—meet the Renault Float concept

The Float is a concept car by Yunchen Chai. It won the design competition hosted by Renault and Central Saint Martins. The participants of the competition had to design a car that emphasized electric power, autonomous driving, and connected technology.  This car uses Meglev technology, is non-directional, and a magnetic belt to attach multiple pods....CONTINUE READING

Google is building competitor to the Amazon Echo Show, says report

Google is developing a clandestine home device to compete with the Amazon Echo Show, according to a new TechCrunch report. The device is supposedly codenamed “Manhattan.” Google’s forthcoming home device is reportedly similar to the Echo Show, in screen size and capability. In case you didn’t already know, the Echo Show is a tabletop smart...CONTINUE READING
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