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In spite of everything, a bipartisan factor: Accepting cash from lobbyists to dam unfastened tax-filing instrument

The House of Representatives passed a bill that should make for-profit tax-filing companies very happy.  The Taxpayer First Act is a piece of legislation that makes changes to how the IRS functions, including better infrastructure for customer service and appeals. It has bipartisan support, and is the first legislative effort to improve the functioning of...CONTINUE READING

AOC and the forged of ‘Queer Eye’ frolicked on Capitol Hill

Four members of the Queer Eye cast (we missed you, Karamo) were on Capitol Hill this week to promote the Equality Act. Of course, they still squeezed in some time to hang out with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Photos of AOC and Jonathan Van Ness strolling breezily through the halls of Congress started circulating Thursday afternoon. The...CONTINUE READING

AOC calls out Kushner: ‘What is subsequent, placing nuclear codes in Instagram DMs?’

It’s a cold day in government hell when Instagram DMs get a shoutout at a House Oversight Committee meeting — so reader, you’ll want to grab your winter coat. On Tuesday, while speaking before Committee Chair Elijah Cummings, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez expressed her concern over reports that Jared Kushner used WhatsApp to communicate with foreign...CONTINUE READING

7 of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s maximum inspirational speeches

Since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was elected to Congress, she’s brought a refreshing and powerfully passionate energy to Washington, DC. When she isn’t mastering the art of the Twitter takedown, sharing her social media skills with fellow Democrats, or answering interview questions as candidly as possible, the 29-year-old is making insightful speeches that effectively communicate her personal...CONTINUE READING

Congress noticed some Nickelback scorching takes at the Space ground

It’s absolutely wild that in the year 2019, calling Nickelback bad still sparks a spicy discussion. But it’s true: Just ask U.S. Representatives Mark Pocan and Rodney Davis.  We elect our representatives to be the voice of the people. As legislators, they vote on bills, forge a path for justice, and … debate about decades-old...CONTINUE READING

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric are rage-tweeting Michael Cohen’s testimony — except for for one key second

The Trump boys are back… on Twitter, that is. On Wednesday morning, as Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, testified before Congress, two of Trump’s sons decided to stand up for their dear old dad on social media. As Cohen discussed several allegations against the president — from racist comments he’s made in private...CONTINUE READING

‘SNL’ can pay tribute to the ‘Ladies of Congress’ and pantsuits

After a midterm election which brought a record number of women to Congress, some Congresswomen are being treated like celebrities. Saturday Night Live knows this fanbase well. This sketch from the Feb. 9 episode imagines the newly elected women of Congress as Charlie’s Angels dressed in white (the traditional color of women’s suffragists). There’s Kate...CONTINUE READING

Remembering a few of John Dingell’s biggest moments on Twitter

John Dingell, the longest serving congressman in U.S. history, died on Thursday at the age of 92, surrounded by family at his home in Dearborn, Michigan.  Dingell, a Democrat, served in the House of Representatives for 59 years, stretching from 1955, when he took over the Southeast Michigan seat from his father, until he retired...CONTINUE READING

Congress is ‘deeply stricken’ by means of Apple’s FaceTime trojan horse, and it needs solutions

Receiving a stern letter from Congress is never going to be a pleasant experience, but for Tim Cook it might just turn into a nightmare.  The Apple CEO is being called to account for a serious bug in group FaceTime which turned the video-chat feature into a stalker’s dream — allowing practically anyone with an...CONTINUE READING
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