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Trump seemingly tweets conspiracy theory about bombs sent to his critics

President Donald Trump is using his Twitter account to seemingly push a conspiracy theory, this time surrounding the dozen (and counting) bombs sent to critics of his administration.  Throughout the week, authorities have responded to alerts of explosive devices sent to prominent Democratic figures like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama,...CONTINUE READING

How Donald Trump’s own words have helped fuel the QAnon fire

President Donald Trump rode political conspiracy theories all the way to the White House, and now he now finds himself at the center of one. SEE ALSO: Mueller reportedly wants to question Trump about his Tweets By now, you’ve probably heard about QAnon, the online conspiracy theory figure whose following makes the Illuminati look like...CONTINUE READING

Amazon Prime is filled with Alex Jones conspiracy theory videos it calls ‘documentaries’

Amazon Prime’s documentary genre features many Academy Award-winning feats of investigative journalism. But it has a problem: Amazon categorizes legitimate documentaries from HBO and PBS in the same way that it does conspiracy theory films from the likes of Alex Jones. The Telegraph first reported the troubling appearance of conspiracy theory “documentaries” on the streaming...CONTINUE READING

Honestly, what the heck is happening on YouTube?

One of the internet‘s most famed catchphrases is about porn: that any sort of erotica you could want or imagine, no matter how niche or messed up, exists somewhere online. That shouldn’t be the case for YouTube — a video community monitored for hate, violence, abuse, obscenity, and more. But with each new discovery of...CONTINUE READING

7 queer celebrity dating rumors that we desperately wish were true

All conspiracy theories are trash — unless you’re talking about celebrity queer relationship conspiracy theories, which are 100% good and accurate. Or so we hope. There are so many conspiracy theories in this genre that, if proven true, would bring infinite joy to queer people worldwide. The LGBTQ community has few celebrity queer relationships they...CONTINUE READING

This conspiracy theory about Beyoncé's twins is bonkers so obviously we believe it

With scant details about Beyoncé’s pregnancy to work with, the Bey Hive still finds a way to make lemonade.  The latest theory has to do with the sex of the twins. Queen Bey posted a photo of a very Buffy the Vampire Slayer maternity look, and eagle eyed fans noticed some familiar earrings — the...CONTINUE READING

The best part about Chrissy Teigen’s peculiar LAX flight is this insane conspiracy theory

When Chrissy Teigen and John Legend (and a bunch of other people) boarded a plane to Tokyo from LA, they probably didn’t think they would get a bizarre flight pattern—and one not-so-convincing fugative theory. Their plane made an unexpected return to Los Angeles Airport on Thursday night and naturally, Teigen live-tweeted the events. But someone...CONTINUE READING

People think Disney’s Donald Trump robot looks like Hillary Clinton and you can’t unsee it

Strap in for a new political conspiracy theory involving Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and … Disney World?  The most magical place on Earth delivered a sneak peek of its newly refurbished Hall of Presidents exhibit Monday with a new addition: Donald Trump. Yes, there is a now a creepy, talking robot version of Donald Trump...CONTINUE READING

Fake news about Keanu Reeves and ‘blood of babies’ tops YouTube search

Fake news is like a horrible weed: just when you think you’ve eradicated it, another pops up somewhere else.   SEE ALSO: ‘Fake news’ isn’t just a U.S. problem — it’s everywhere The website YourNewsWire published a totally made-up story about actor Keanu Reeves, who allegedly said in Milan that Hollywood elites use “the blood...CONTINUE READING

Avril Lavigne tweets photo, gets instantly trolled by conspiracy theorists

By now you’ve probably heard the wild conspiracy theory about Avril Lavigne that resurfaced this week. You know, the one about her being replaced by a doppelgänger called Melissa? Well, it doesn’t look like the rumours are going to be stopping anytime soon. Or the jokes. SEE ALSO: There’s an earth-shattering conspiracy theory that Pikachu...CONTINUE READING
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