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Taking a look to ditch cable? Snag an HDTV antenna on sale for $68.

“Close your eyes, clear your heart / Cut the cord,” crooned Brandon Flowers on The Killers’ 2008 track “Human.” Was he telling listeners to stop paying for cable when he uttered that last line? Are we human or are we dancer?  The jury’s still out on both matters, but we can say for sure that...CONTINUE READING

Cutting the cord? This gadget lets you watch TV in real time.

If you haven’t already cut the cord, chances are you’re at least thinking about it — and for good reason.  Studies show that approximately 14.1 American households access content through streaming services, and that number has only tripled since 2013. Sure, streaming services help cut down on the number of commercial breaks we have to sit...CONTINUE READING

Cut cable with this indoor antenna on sale from Amazon for just $13

TV can be expensive, whether its from cable companies or streaming providers. However, there are still options to save some money from those big providers. And if you go to Amazon right now, you can pick up just the thing to cut those TV costs. The Xidomi Indoor TV Antenna is currently available on Amazon...CONTINUE READING

Best streaming services: We compare DirecTV NOW, PlayStation Vue Sling TV, and more

Would you rather: Date someone who’s clingy, makes you spend a ton of money on them, and who bosses you around… OR Date someone who’s super chill, lets you do your own thing, and always makes sure you’re happy? The latter, right? Well, get this: The first relationship is with cable, and the second relationship...CONTINUE READING

How to watch the Tony Awards if you don’t have cable: Free trials, TV hacks, and more

The 72nd annual Tony Awards are creeping up fast, and everyone who’s favorite album of all time is the Hamilton soundtrack is scrambling to figure out how to watch it without cable. Free trials, guys and dolls. Free trials. SEE ALSO: 12 of the best earbuds on Amazon, according to customer reviews Even if you...CONTINUE READING

Here’s how to watch the Royal Wedding without cable

This Saturday, May 19, the greatly anticipated Royal Wedding will take place in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle in England. And we are cordially invited, y’all. Okay, we technically won’t physically be there because Prince Harry and Meghan Markle technically don’t know that we exist. But thanks to numerous TV providers and channels providing...CONTINUE READING

AT&T’s cheap monthly streaming service is for cord-cutters who don’t care about sports

If you like the idea of cable but don’t care about sports, AT&T’s upcoming streaming service might be for you. The company will soon launch a new $15/month subscription meant to appeal to cord-cutters who don’t need sports channels. The service will also be free for AT&T’s wireless customers who have an unlimited data plan. ...CONTINUE READING

CBS All-Access is offering a 1-month free trial instead of just a week and it’s kind of a big deal

CBS All-Access is offering a one-month free trial instead of its usual one-week trial, and we are pumped. If you’re one of those people who responds, “Yes, I’ve been here for the past six hours” when Netflix asks you if you’re still there, you should keep reading. SEE ALSO: Hey Trekkies, you’re gonna want this...CONTINUE READING

You have Netflix, Hulu, and the rest — you just need this $16 HDTV antenna to replace cable

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable‘s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. These days, it seems like every card-carrying millennial has cut the cord and embraced the cable-free lifestyle. At first, it seems fun and exciting. But after...CONTINUE READING
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