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Aaron Paul dressed his baby in ‘Breaking Bad’ apparel for Comic-Con and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

There’s a new cook in town, and she’s cute as hell. Breaking Bad start Aaron Paul — aka Jesse Pinkman, bitch — arrived at Comic-Con in San Diego with a special guest: his 5-month old daughter, Story, who was wearing a very familiar outfit. Story cosplayed as her dad’s meth making character, complete with a...CONTINUE READING

Cosplayer blends Nigel Thornberry and Sailor Moon for a terrifying costume

Cosplaying is an art. Cosplaying involves more than just putting on a costume — dedicated artists often spend hours designing custom outfits and creating handmade pieces. They can put together stunning looks like this: Or if you’re Julianna Maznevski, you might put together nightmarish creations like this hyperrealistic mashup of Nigel Thornberry and Sailor Moon,...CONTINUE READING

Heavily pregnant woman dressing up for ‘Deadpool 2’ is the definition of maximum effort

Deadpool may be one of the most inventively cosplayed characters of all time. SEE ALSO: Turns out one of Deadpool’s comic artists has been drawing his own death for years A photo uploaded on Saturday by Reddit user u/SolidAsSnake shot to the upper echelons of the site, because it showcased his wife’s passion for Deadpool....CONTINUE READING

‘Game of Thrones’ cosplay photoshoot turned into the cutest proposal

Grab your pens, fanfiction writers, because the most unexpected Game of Thrones ship has taken off. Well to be fair, it’s not actually a character pairing, but rather two lucky cosplayers. SEE ALSO: A gorgeous ‘Game of Thrones’ tarot deck can now be yours During a cosplay photoshoot at Central Park’s Belvedere castle, the cosplayer...CONTINUE READING

How Muslim cosplayers are cleverly using their hijabs as part of their outfits

A growing community of Muslim cosplayers are sharing ingenious ways of integrating their hijabs into fantasy outfits. With a touch of creativity, they’ve used the religious head covering to double up as a wig, or even to sass up their outfit. SEE ALSO: Muslim vlogger wants women to try wearing a hijab for 15 minutes...CONTINUE READING

A side-by-side comparison of the ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Homemade Trailer

Take a ride on the Millennium Falcon made of cardboard, because you don’t need CGI to visit a galaxy far, far away—just your imagination. Join the Homemade Movies crew for their last episode, on the appropriately titled, The Last Jedi. Subscribe to CineFix for more related videos  Watch the full Homemade Trailer here Watch the...CONTINUE READING
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