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Transgender couple speak out against offensive tabloid headline about their wedding

The Sun newspaper has been criticised for their headline on a piece about a trans couple getting married. SEE ALSO: This ‘gender-free’ clothing store has fashion for anyone On Tuesday, The Sun ran a story on the wedding of army officer Hannah Winterbourne to actor Jake Graf, both of whom are transgender. While the couple...CONTINUE READING

This adorable couple chronicled their entire relationship on one romantic Twitter thread

Forget romance novels, Twitter is the new way to get your love story fix.   A newly married couple in Utah documented all the highlights of their courtship in one convenient Twitter thread, and showed just how romantic the social media platform could be.  Zoe Prina first posted about her future husband eight months ago....CONTINUE READING
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The internet has fallen in love with a couple who recreated their Pride March photo

Twenty-four years later, Nicholas Cardello and Kurt English are still in love and proud.  The married couple went viral this week when they shared side-by-side photographs, shot more than two decades apart at Washington, D.C.’s LGBTQ march.  Image: Nicholas Cardello SEE ALSO: These poignant signs show what the Equality March is really about Nicholas, on the...CONTINUE READING
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Couple married for 37 years preserves their love through delightful matching outfits

Every couple expresses their love differently. Some post lovey-dovey photos aggressively on social media. Some get each other personalized gifts. Some just like to Netflix and pizza. One Japanese couple expresses their love through wearing tasteful, matching outfits almost every single day. Considering they have been married for 37 years, maybe this is the secret...CONTINUE READING

That Tinder couple went to Hawaii for their first (and probably last) date

Oh young love, how very fleeting.  The now internet-famous Josh and Michelle, who were offered a dream date by Tinder, finally went on their free trip to Hawaii. Good Morning America followed the procrastinating couple on their weekend vacay to see if sparks were flying.  Turns out, the two probably won’t be going on a...CONTINUE READING

Romantic guy takes over a showing of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ for a very sweet proposal

If you’re in need of a unique way to pop the question, this sweet movie theater proposal is a solid bet. Craig Tampin surprised his girlfriend Danielle Shaw last week with not only tickets to one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the year, but also with a request to spend the rest of their...CONTINUE READING

Watch these couples remind you just how awkward telling someone “I love you” for the first time truly is

You don’t need to be in a relationship to know that saying “I love you” to someone is, first and foremost, an incredibly awkward ordeal.  Most of the time, the phrase isn’t accompanied by any kind of grand romantic gesture or sweeping background music so much as it is a mumbled or unplanned happening. And...CONTINUE READING
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