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The world’s pretty messed up, so here’s a bunch of tiny-weeny cheetahs

If you’ve yet to fill your quota of daily spluttering over baby animals, this should tip you right over the edge. A group of six newborn cheetah cubs have been unveiled to the public, having arrived at Taronga  Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, Australia. SEE ALSO: These lynx screaming at each other will strike a...CONTINUE READING

Some of my reactions to the Cubs winning that I now realize may have been extreme

After 108 painful years of constant loss, the Cubs finally won the World Series last night. If you didn’t know this, you probably weren’t within a 100 mile radius of me. Because, apparently, I had some rather outrageous reactions to the victory. I’m just  SEE ALSO: ‘Parks and Rec’ predicted the Cubs’ win — and...CONTINUE READING

This Cubs fan kept a lifelong promise to his father who passed away 20 years ago

Wayne Williams and his father made a pact that when the Chicago Cubs finally played in a World Series, they would experience it together. Williams’ father passed away in 1980, so when the Cubs forced a Game 7 against the Cleveland Indians, Williams drove from North Carolina to Indiana to listen to the game at...CONTINUE READING
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