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Spelling Bee winning word gets the whole internet Googling what on earth ‘marocain’ is

You probably didn’t know what marocain was yesterday, but thanks to Thursday night’s nailbiting National Spelling Bee, it’s all over the internet. Ananya Vinay, a sixth-grader from Fresno, was crowned winner at the 2017 Scripps annual event. After effortlessly dealing with hypapante, gifblaar, and wayzgoose, she finished the night with the winning word: marocain. She...CONTINUE READING

These guys covered ‘Baby on Board’ from The Simpsons on a rooftop

We might’ve found the perfect homage to one of the most memorable songs on The Simpsons. You might remember “Baby on Board,” the catchy-as-hell song written by Homer Simpson for his barbershop quartet The Be-Sharps in the classic 1993 episode. SEE ALSO: Artist masterfully inserts ‘The Simpsons’ characters into real life As the end of...CONTINUE READING

A tired journalist’s response to Trump Jr.’s emails has spawned a great meme

With a simple string of tweets, a year’s worth of work vanished for Jared Yates Sexton, an independent journalist chasing a story about Donald Trump Jr. and his communication with a Russian lawyer.  And with a simple tweet from Sexton following the chaos of Trump Jr.’s emails, a meme was born.  “I…worked on this story...CONTINUE READING

Pink pineapples are here to make fruit even more Instagrammable

If you aren’t prepared yet for a summer full of cute pics, maybe some pineapple will help. No, we aren’t talking about those gold pineapple mugs that everyone seemed to be sipping drinks from last summer. This is 2017, people. New summer, new pineapple. And this year, our pineapples are pink. SEE ALSO: Bye rosé!...CONTINUE READING

Well-meaning woman tries to honor her late mom and gets a face full of ash

Read more… {“player”:{“description”:”Just like that scene from ‘The Big Lebowski.'”,”image”:”http://latest-mobile-news.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/https253A252F252Fvdist.aws_.mashable.com252Fcms252F2017252F6252F216ed5fb-912b-00f6252Fthumb252F00001.jpg”,”mediaid”:”360O5b5lV4″,”preload”:false,”title”:”Well-meaning woman tries to honor her late mom and gets a face full of ash”,”sources”:[{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/6/216ed5fb-912b-00f6/hls.m3u8″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/6/216ed5fb-912b-00f6/dash.mpd”},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/6/216ed5fb-912b-00f6/mp4/1080.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/6/216ed5fb-912b-00f6/mp4/720.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/6/216ed5fb-912b-00f6/mp4/480.mp4″}]},”options”:{“disableAds”:false,”disableSharing”:false,”embedUrl”:”http://mashable.com/videos/blueprint:360O5b5lV4/embed/?player=offsite”,”standaloneUrl”:null,”post”:{“url”:”http://mashable.com/2017/06/27/mom-spreads-ashes-fail/”,”date”:”2017-06-28T02:26:25.000Z”,”bp_id”:50005,”wp_id”:null}},”advertising”:{“params”:{“keywords”:”funny,culture,viral videos,fail”,”sec0″:null,”sec1″:””,”prc”:””}},”analytics”:{“labels”:”funny,culture,viral videos,fail”,”videoSeriesName”:null}} More about Funny, Culture, Viral Videos, Fail, and Culture Powered by WPeMatico

In other celebrity breakup news, Amber Heard and Elon Musk have reportedly broken up

It seems like just yesterday Amber Heard and Elon Musk made their relationship Instagram official, but unfortunately a slot on the ‘gram doesn’t guarantee a life of happily ever after.  Us Weekly reports that the two have pulled a Chris Pratt/Anna Farris and called it quits after a year of dating, despite Musk double-tapping some...CONTINUE READING

Genius stoner snack sparks weed Twitter to share its best munchies recipes

While the future of weed in America isn’t clear, one thing is certain — smoking pot can definitely bring out your creative side.   While some stoners use their newfound creativity to craft impressive smoking apparatuses, others choose to take their innovation to the kitchen.  Tre Levon has found himself at the center of a...CONTINUE READING
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