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Dashcam video of a near-miss will make your palms sweat

When driving along a completely deserted country road, you may be tempted to blow through a stop sign. Bad idea. Nerve-wracking dashcam footage from a semi-truck driving along a state highway in Ohio shows an oblivious driver blow through a stop sign, barely missing the truck barreling through the intersection.  It’s truly amazing how close...CONTINUE READING

HAIM’s cover of Shania Twain’s ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ is seriously unreal

The ’90s song you probably won’t admit you like — but secretly really, really do — got a cover from HAIM, and it’s out of this world. Shania Twain’s “That Don’t Impress Me Much” was covered on Australian radio station triple j, but instead of extending the rambunctiousness of the 1997 hit, the three piece...CONTINUE READING
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The inevitable Trump/Kim Jong-un hair swap is here and it’s devastatingly good

Tension between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un is at an all-time high, with both parts exchanging angry words and fierce threats.  SEE ALSO: Even North Korea thinks Trump is ‘bereft of reason’ But there’s nothing that Reddit diplomacy and some Photoshop work can’t solve.  Just look at this excruciatingly good hair swap of the two...CONTINUE READING

Poor raccoon gets rescued after being stuck in peanut butter jar

We’ve heard about getting caught red-handed with your hand in the cookie jar, but what about getting caught with your head stuck in a peanut butter jar? It sounds a little embarrassing, but that’s what happened to raccoon out wandering in someone’s yard out on Long Island, New York. The little creature was probably super...CONTINUE READING

Chance the Rapper showed up to NPR offices and caused a stampede

If Chance the Rapper showed up at your office for a mini-concert, you would probably freak out, too. The good folks at National Public Radio (NPR) headquarters in Washington D.C. often see famous faces behind All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen’s desk. These performances, dubbed the “Tiny Desk Concerts” happen in middle of NPR offices,...CONTINUE READING
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