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‘Rick and Morty’ creator Dan Harmon goes deep explaining the meaning of life

You’d be forgiven for missing the deeper meanings that underlie Adult Swim’s hit Rick and Morty, thanks to the animation’s incredibly surreal and bizarre sense of humour. But there’s more than meets the eye, as revealed in the musings of co-creator Dan Harmon in a video promoting the forthcoming season of the show. Harmon reflects...CONTINUE READING

The Trump-Putin handshake the world’s been waiting for is here

The moment the world’s been waiting for has finally arrived: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin finally met … in front of cameras … and yes, there WAS a handshake. *grabs popcorn but also hides under blanket* SEE ALSO: Forget shade, Pete Souza throws straight fire at Putin The first photos of Trump and his not-BFF-but-also-possibly-secret-BFF...CONTINUE READING

Photo shows the exact moment a woman lost her phone on a roller coaster

Those photos taken on roller coasters are usually a total rip off, but this hilarious moment is a definite exception.  Redditor bald-e-gal and his girlfriend went to Cedar Park on Friday to hit up some of the park’s incredible rides. Unfortunately, tragedy occurred while the couple rode one of the coasters. Bald-e-gal’s girlfriend lost her...CONTINUE READING

Toddler scares the crap out of her dad playing video games

Sometimes, you just need your daughter to scare the living shit out of you in order to make the internet pay attention. Twitch streamer JurassicJunkieLive has been streaming his gaming sessions for about two months now but, with only a small following of about 100 people, not many people took note. Not until, that is,...CONTINUE READING

Céline Dion dancing at her son’s hockey game is the motivation you probably need today

Consider this respite from the news of the day. Close your eyes and pretend for a moment that singer/couture model Céline Dion is just your Canadian mom cheering you on at your weekly hockey game. SEE ALSO: Céline Dion photobombed a couple’s proposal and her reaction was priceless Need a clearer picture of what that...CONTINUE READING

Chrissy Teigen gets real about her experience with alcohol abuse and sobriety

There’s no one who keeps things really real like Chrissy Teigen. The model has built a career off of being open and honest—from everything about how she’s feeling politically to the normal but unspoken things that go on with one’s body.  In an interview with Cosmopolitan Monday, the model gets personal and shares about her...CONTINUE READING

The New York Times has recognized that it did not discover bubble tea

That boba in your tea? It’s, uh, been there for a while. The New York Times issued a revision Thursday after publishing a bizarre article Wednesday about bubble tea called “Those Blobs In Your Tea? They’re Supposed To Be There.” The article itself wasn’t much better, implying that boba — a popular beverage stateside for...CONTINUE READING
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