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7 animals that discovered love when they had given up all hope

There comes a point in every young single frog’s life where they give up on the idea of finding true love. Burned by endless Tinder dates and failed romances, some frogs just forego the idea of “frogmance” altogether.  They move into bachelor lily pads and Seamless entire fly dinners. They give up hope.  But bachelor...CONTINUE READING

In truth, a toddler goat stampede could be an effective way to move

Local farmer survives stampede of cuteness. Story at 10.  A herd of baby Nigerian Dwarf goats with wobbly legs and spirited bleats charged through a barn in Goshen, Ohio this week. Onlookers (older goats and a couple dogs) described the incident, saying, “Meh-eh-eh! Beh-eh-eh!” and “Woof! Woof!” Read more… More about Cute Animals, Culture, and...CONTINUE READING

14 pics of canine driving on trains that may make your trip such a lot higher

Commutes can often be the worst part of your day, especially if you use public transportation. It’s crowded, everyone is still half asleep, and it almost always smells weird. I’m looking at you, NJTransit. However, any awful train ride can be turned around in an instant by spotting a good boy on the subway.  SEE...CONTINUE READING

Very good Owl Sunday is swooping in to avoid wasting your weekend

We know that the news has been depressing recently. It’s been causing a lot of unpleasant feelings. Thank goodness we have a bright spot on the horizon this weekend, an event that will be bound to lift our spirits and perhaps make us momentarily forget the current state of America. Enter Superb Owl Sunday, the...CONTINUE READING

Lovable child penguin has no concept what took place in 2018. Fortunate jerk.

Imagine waking up fresh after this medium-level bin fire of a year, with no knowledge whatsoever of everything that went down. That’s the privilege of this offensively cute baby penguin, a newborn addition to the Cincinnati Zoo. SEE ALSO: Your favourite same-sex penguin couple welcome their fluffy baby First reported by NBC affiliate WLWT, the...CONTINUE READING

This video of a duck family crossing a highway is here to show you that it’s not all bad

We’re not here to tell you that the world isn’t a dark, scary place.  But, this video will remind you that it’s not all bad, and that people still have great capacity for compassion. SEE ALSO: Remembering Advice Animals, one of the internet‘s first viral memes The morning traffic in Auckland, New Zealand was disrupted...CONTINUE READING