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Donald Trump referred to Stormy Daniels as ‘horseface.’ Seriously.

Donald Trump hit a new low in his presidency — if that’s even still possible — when he smashed out a tweet Tuesday morning referring to Stormy Daniels as “Horseface,” confirming we are living in the worst possible timeline.  “Federal Judge throws out Stormy Danials lawsuit versus Trump. Trump is entitled to full legal fees.”...CONTINUE READING

Netflix’s ‘Sierra Burgess is a Loser’ fails on so many levels

Loyalists and skeptics of the Netflix‘s rom-com revival may have been lured into false security with the charming To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. The newly-released Sierra Burgess is a Loser seems like a natural follow up and an easy fit on the streaming service; it stars To All the Boys’ Noah Centineo and...CONTINUE READING

Instagram blogger Photoshops her body to look how trolls want it to look

Sadly, the reality of having any kind of online presence in this day and age seems to come hand in hand with receiving negative and abusive comments. It’s unpleasant, upsetting, and sometimes, deeply personal.  SEE ALSO: How to protect yourself when social media is harming your self-esteem A popular British fitness blogger did something rather...CONTINUE READING

FLOTUS to reportedly meet with social media companies about cyberbullying

First lady Melania Trump is sticking to her campaign promise to crack down on online harassment and cyberbullying. She’s reportedly meeting with major players in social media and tech next week to see what can be done.  Even though she’s repeatedly let her husband get away with the very behavior she described during Donald Trump’s...CONTINUE READING

John Legend expertly responds to Donald Trump’s sexist tweets using Melania’s own words

John Legend and his music may conjure gentle and soft images, but do not be mistaken—the man can deliver a great burn with less than 140 characters, especially if his target’s last name is Trump.  On Thursday morning, Legend responded to Donald Trump’s sexist tweets about Morning Joe’s host Mika Brzezinski with the perfect tweet...CONTINUE READING

Dear Prince William, this is why anonymity online is important

In unveiling a “national action plan” to tackle cyberbullying, Prince William reflected on the need to take responsibility for our actions online, calling anonymity online “really, really dangerous.” SEE ALSO: Prince William says online anonymity is ‘really, really dangerous‘ in deeply moving video The debate around anonymity is as old as the internet — we...CONTINUE READING

Prince William says online anonymity is ‘really, really dangerous’ in deeply moving video

Prince William has unveiled a “national action plan” to tackle cyberbullying in a powerfully moving video. In the video, Prince William described online anonymity as “really, really dangerous” after talking to two campaigners whose lives have been impacted by online bullying.  The Duke of Cambridge spoke to Lucy Alexander, whose son Felix died by suicide...CONTINUE READING

Facebook is no longer the worst social network for online bullying

Instagram is the most commonly used network for online bullying, a new major survey has revealed.  SEE ALSO: Facebook ‘lurking’ is making you miserable and here’s what you can do about it More than 10,000 young people aged between 12 and 20 participated in the UK survey, published Wednesday by anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label,...CONTINUE READING

Melania Trump spoke out against bullying and Twitter can’t take the irony

The internet just can’t with Melania Trump.  The first lady hosted a luncheon at the UN General Assembly Wednesday where she spoke about protecting our children and teaching them about empathy and kindness. People on Twitter quickly reminded her about her husband and his cyberbullying ways. SEE ALSO: Trump loved to bully Obama about vacations,...CONTINUE READING

Melania Trump thanks Chelsea Clinton for defending Barron

Melania Trump is all about supporting childhood individuality, and she’d kindly like you to let her 11-year-old son live his life. Hours after former first daughter Chelsea Clinton came to the defense of President Trump’s youngest son Barron on Tuesday — who was criticized by a Daily Caller article for wearing casual clothing — the...CONTINUE READING
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