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Long run-proof your IT profession with those industry-leading certifications

Claiming that you’re a hotshot IT practitioner while not holding a single CompTIA certification is like Thanos declaring that he’s the supreme being  while wearing the infinity gauntlet with no infinity stones. Yes, having marketable IT skills is unquestionably a must for making it big, but certifications help catch the eyes of prospective employers. They’re...CONTINUE READING

Forestall paying per thirty days charges for iCloud — get an entire life of cloud garage with this deal

Real talk: storing your files exclusively on your phone or computer will only make them more susceptible to sudden disappearance. Whether it’s an accidental drop, theft, or a botched software update, your data can be wiped out faster than Thanos’ snap, and there’s usually no way to recover it. When your files are gone (including...CONTINUE READING

Fb rolls out ‘one strike’ coverage for live-streaming following New Zealand assault

After much speculation, Facebook has imposed restrictions on live-streaming following the New Zealand attacks in March. Announced on Tuesday, the company will implement a “one strike” policy which will restrict anyone who violates the social network’s community standards from using Facebook Live. Users who violate the network’s most serious policies will be prohibited from using...CONTINUE READING

Yikes, WhatsApp exploit allowed spyware and adware to be put in with a telephone name

A WhatsApp vulnerability allowed attackers to remotely install spyware onto phones — by simply calling them. First reported by the Financial Times and confirmed by WhatsApp, the issue was discovered in early May and was promptly fixed by the company. The Facebook-owned messaging service said it believed certain users were targeted through the vulnerability by...CONTINUE READING

Darkish internet overview web site Deep Dot Internet used referrals hyperlinks to earn tens of millions

Referral links just got a whole lot edgier.  The dark web review site Deep Dot Web was taken down by law enforcement Tuesday, knocking offline a centralized repository of knowledge detailing how and where to score illegal drugs and goods online. It turns out, the Department of Justice revealed, that the operators of the site...CONTINUE READING

Dell laptops and desktops susceptible to faraway assault

If you own a Dell laptop or desktop then there’s a very good chance your machine is vulnerable to attack simply by visiting a malicious website. The good news is, Dell has released a patch to close the security hole. As ZDNet reports, 17-year-old security researcher Bill Demirkapi discovered a vulnerability (CVE-2019-3719) in the Dell...CONTINUE READING

Younger individuals are overconfident with on-line safety, survey suggests

As a relatively young person, I would like to think that I’m on pretty on top of technology — and perhaps by extension, security. It doesn’t seem to be the case with other younger users, with a survey commissioned by Google suggesting young people are overconfident when it comes to keeping their online accounts safe....CONTINUE READING

Unprotected server uncovered knowledge on 80 million US families

A cloud server operated by Microsoft has been leaking the personal data of 80 million U.S. households including people‘s full names, physical addresses, and dates of birth. A pair of Israeli security researchers say they discovered the unprotected database while working on a web mapping project with VPN review site vpnMentor. In addition to names...CONTINUE READING

Mark Zuckerberg’s cringey snort used to be a slap within the face of Fb’s sufferers

Most awkward Zuck moments revolve around the CEO’s inability to exhibit human emotion. This one comes with a serving of insult, added to injury. Mark Zuckerberg opened Facebook‘s annual F8 developer conference on Tuesday with a manifesto-ish address about how the future of Facebook is focused on privacy.  SEE ALSO: Mark Zuckerberg says ‘a private...CONTINUE READING
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