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11 unforgettable books about fatherhood that totally get it right

In pop culture, fathers are too frequently portrayed as the bumbling parent who ruins things that moms then have to come fix. But being a dad is far more complicated (and beautiful, and terrifying, and everything else). For anyone tired of overly simplistic representations of dads, we have good news: Literature is really great at...CONTINUE READING

Dorky dad posed with hilarious CNN headline and made his son take this classic pic

Headlines are fleeting in today’s raging political climate, but one brave dad decided to hold on to one forever.  As any slightly dorky father would, he employed his son to capture the hilariously misleading headline that appeared on a CNN chyron before Tuesday night’s State of the Union address. SEE ALSO: Here’s why you don’t...CONTINUE READING
Category:Cnn, Culture, Dad, Funny

Dad has been gloriously recreating his daughter’s selfies for 15 months now

Most dads are embarrassing to some extent, but some dads are so impressively embarrassing they come round full circle and become cool. SEE ALSO: Dads having more fun than daughters at Little Mix concert is seriously adorable Burr Martin, who last year achieved viral fame after he began recreating his daughter’s selfies, is definitely one...CONTINUE READING
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Irish dad is not happy about being served a ‘blackbird’ for Christmas dinner

Burnt spuds, overcooked sprouts and dry turkey are just a few of the standard Christmas dinner complaints. But, sometimes our festive dinners don’t exactly turn out as planned.  This dad from Sligo, Ireland, was less than enthused at the puny size of the turkey served up to him on Christmas day.  After staring with confusion...CONTINUE READING
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