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Watch this dad slide all over an icy driveway to rescue his daughter’s new toy

Not even mother nature can come between a child and their new toy.  One dedicated dad in Alaska was forced to brave a formidable sheet of ice on the family’s driveway in order to bring his three-year-old a toy kitchen she’d been looking forward to getting for quite some time. After a bunch of freezing...CONTINUE READING

The girl giving her dad the hand in a viral video tells everyone to chill

A video of a horrified girl giving a middle aged man the hand after he says something to her at a watch party for Dan Crenshaw went viral on Tuesday night.  But the girl from the video wants everyone to chill — it’s just her dad.  SEE ALSO: Student rolls her eyes behind politician during...CONTINUE READING

Dad attempts a nice – but absurdly unsuccessful – panoramic photo of his daughter

Dads and technology don’t always mix. Just ask Simran, a 21-year-old Twitter user whose father recently tried to show off his photo skills using his iPhone X’s panoramic feature, but failed miserably. SEE ALSO: Man poses with incredible cucumber and inspires an awesome photoshop battle On Saturday, Simran tweeted two panoramic photographs her dad took...CONTINUE READING

FridaBalls are padded underwear for guys so they can protect their man parts from wriggling toddlers

Dads can handle a lot. That especially goes for new dads who get beat up on a daily basis due to kicking toddlers. Temper tantrums. Head butts. Objects being hurled across the room. Literally being jumped on. With Father’s Day coming up, there’s gotta be a way to give dads everywhere (and their family jewels)...CONTINUE READING

Craigslist ad seeks ‘generic’ dad for some wholesome BBQ fun

Polish up those resumes, dads, because your services are seriously needed.  A few young roommates in Spokane, Washington, recently created a Craigslist ad in search of one lucky, “generic” dad who could perform some much-needed dad duties for their upcoming backyard barbecue. SEE ALSO: There’s now a Roomba for your lawn, but it’ll cost ya...CONTINUE READING
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