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A game where David Lynch teaches you to type, while breaking the fabric of reality

We all remember sitting in front of the computer screen in middle school while the typing teacher droned on about the proper placement of your right index finger.  Then suddenly he transformed into The Man from Another Place, dancing in his red suit, and leaning over to whisper backwards English into your ear. OK, so...CONTINUE READING

The ‘Twin Peaks’ cast loves David Lynch so much it’s almost uncomfortable

From the way David Lynch treats his poor tortured and haunted characters onscreen, you would never guess how much real people love everything about being around him. The love expressed Friday for the co-creator, director and star of Twin Peaks isn’t just your garden variety Hollywood glad-handing from a Comic-Con panel. Everyone always says how...CONTINUE READING

Watch David Lynch coach Laura Palmer on ‘Twin Peaks’ backwards-talk

“Repooc tnega olleh.” Try saying that line with feeling. (Translation: “Hello Agent Cooper,” but … backwards.) The unsettlingly surreal rewind-speak of the Black Lodge residents in Twin Peaks has always been something of a special skill for David Lynch’s actors. It’s a process: First they speak the line forwards, listen to the backwards playback and...CONTINUE READING

There’s reason to believe David Bowie could make a ‘Twin Peaks’ cameo

Maybe this is harmless wishful thinking, and more likely it’s utter hogwash, but I am still holding out hope that David Bowie might just show up for that second Twin Peaks cameo after all. Bowie played FBI agent Phillip Jeffries in a brief, mostly nonsensical appearance in the 1992 prequel film Fire Walk With Me....CONTINUE READING

The sad, bizarre reason why The Man From Another Place isn’t in ‘Twin Peaks’

Having a falling-out over creative or financial differences is so Hollywood. Having that falling out on your way down a deep, dark rabbit hole of bizarre accusations, shady motives, and decades of personal bitterness is so Twin Peaks. This is the story of Michael J. Anderson, the actor who played the diminutive, backward-talking Man From...CONTINUE READING

Recut version of 'La La Land' directed by David Lynch looks more like a suspense thriller

Everyone knows that La La Land is the feel-good, singing and dancing movie of the year. And with Damien Chazelle nominated for “Best Director” in this weekend’s Academy Awards, we wondered what the film would look like with an entirely different director and tone.  This episode of Trailer Mix brings you a darker, more surrealist...CONTINUE READING

‘Twin Peaks’ has a new ‘Who killed Laura Palmer?’: Where is Agent Cooper?

“Starring Kyle MacLachlan” are the first words to appear at the end of every episode of Twin Peaks, including its Showtime revival, and for good reason: the show’s central character since it first aired in 1990 has always been FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. So … where the hell is Coop? I’m beginning to think...CONTINUE READING

‘Twin Peaks’ returns on Showtime and we’ve got some secrets on the original show

Twin Peaks is coming back soon in a series…sequel? It’s not a remake. It’s not a reboot. So, we’re not sure. The point is, the return of Twin Peaks this Sunday on Showtime inspired us to find some fun Things about the original series that you may not have known, so test your knowledge of...CONTINUE READING
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