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Blizzard is interested in bringing all of its franchises to mobile

Diablo Immortal is just the tip of the iceberg for Blizzard Entertainment‘s new ventures in mobile. After the reveal of Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon Friday, I had a chance to talk to Blizzard founder Allen Adham, who is currently the executive producer of incubation, about its newly announced mobile game and the possibility of other...CONTINUE READING

‘Diablo Immortal’ reveal gives entitled gamers a new chance to look like asses

On Friday, Blizzard pulled the curtain on an ambitious new project from one of its most beloved series: Diablo Immortal, a mobile spin on Diablo. Fans were… furious? In the wake of the announcement, an army of Blizzard fans materialized on social media to deride the exciting news of a brand new Diablo game —...CONTINUE READING

‘Diablo Immortal’ hands-on: Don’t overlook this mobile game

When Diablo Immortal was revealed at BlizzCon on Friday, I thought it looked cool. A lot of people disagreed, and immediately began complaining both online and in-person about this apparent slight, this bastardization of “their” franchise, this complete abandonment of rational thought by a company that routinely creates some of the best and most successful...CONTINUE READING

‘Diablo’ raises hell on mobile with ‘Diablo: Immortal’

The eternal conflict between the high heavens and the burning hells is coming to mobile phones. Diablo: Immortal was revealed at BlizzCon on Friday that takes place between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 after the destruction of the World Stone.  It’s the first-ever Blizzard game to come exclusively to mobile, and it doesn’t look like...CONTINUE READING
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