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A terrifying crocodile relative, with teeth like a T. rex, may have taken on dinosaurs

Meet “Razana,” a gigantic lizard ancestor with the teeth of a T. rex and the body of a crocodile. The prehistoric beast — formally named Razanandrongobe sakalavae — was likely a top predator in Madagascar about 170 million years ago, when dinosaurs also roamed the planet, a team of Italian and French paleontologists said Tuesday....CONTINUE READING
Category:Dinosaurs, History

Researchers are solving the mysteries of a 65-million-year-old dino skull with Kinect

One day, you’re a terrible killing and eating machine. Flash forward 65 million years, and you’re being conquered by a $150 gaming accessory. That’s the new reality of the majestic T-Rex, reduced by time to fossilized remains. Of course, mysteries remain — and they could be solved with one of your favorite gaming devices. SEE...CONTINUE READING

Drones are revolutionising dinosaur research by mapping giant footprints by air

Along the northwest Australian coast lies a dinosaur highway. With the Indian Ocean eating away at the rock, the red cliffs of the Kimberley have revealed hundreds of prehistoric footprints. Two-legged theropods and big-bodied sauropods, among other groups, walked this patch of Earth around 130 million years ago.  Armed with drones and hand-held laser scanners,...CONTINUE READING
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Keep the nighttime scaries away with this glowing, dino-shaped gadget

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Pets are great. Nightlights are also great. What would you get if they mated? The Dino Pet: the world’s first bioluminescent “pet.”  This slightly magical, Apatosaurus-shaped object fits in the palm of your hand and gives off a...CONTINUE READING

I’m a paleontologist and I won’t stop finding out lame shit about dinosaurs until you can no longer enjoy ‘Jurassic Park’

Hello. I’m the paleontologist who keeps finding out more and more lame shit about dinosaurs, and I’m here to ruin your life. You may remember me from last month, when I figured out that the tyrannosaurus rex, the vicious, real-life monster that frightened us all on the big screen in the 90’s, could not actually...CONTINUE READING
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