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How to help Hurricane Michael survivors

Hurricane Michael was one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the continental U.S. in almost 50 years, according to the Associated Press.  The hurricane made landfall in Mexico Beach, Florida, as a Category 4 storm on Wednesday and then weakened as it moved through Georgia. Now designated a tropical storm, Michael is headed toward...CONTINUE READING

Facebook brings disaster relief assistance to users who might need it the most

Just in time for hurricane season, Facebook is here to help. On Monday, Facebook announced that it was expanding its Community Help features to Facebook Lite, the company’s data-conserving android app initially created for use on older phones and in developing countries.  SEE ALSO: Facebook’s data-saving Android app is coming to the U.S. Community Help...CONTINUE READING

Hurricane Maria is the deadliest storm of the 21st century

Puerto Rico was ravaged by Hurricane Maria one year ago next month.  Since the island’s long recovery began, the government and independent institutions have worked to figure out exactly how many lives were taken by the effects of the extreme storm. SEE ALSO: We may never see a hurricane season worse than the one that...CONTINUE READING

Facebook will now share Community Help data with rescue and relief organizations

Facebook is making it easier for relief organizations to pinpoint exactly where people are in crisis — and discover exactly what they need.  The company announced at its second-annual Social Good Forum Wednesday that it will start sharing its API for the Community Help tool with disaster response organizations, giving them access to data that...CONTINUE READING

Facebook added a ‘crisis donate button’ to help disaster victims

From natural disasters to terror events, Facebook has been continuously expanding the capabilities of its Crisis Response Hub, which they rolled out in September of 2017.  Now, in addition to following the latest news or checking the status of friends in at-risk areas, Facebook has provided its users with another way to give back. On...CONTINUE READING

Trump gets a 10 on Puerto Rico response from San Juan mayor — but on a very different scale

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz finally agrees with President Donald Trump on something: the U.S. government’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico was a 10. Only for the mayor it’s out of 100 — a failing grade, compared to Trump’s perfect 10 out of 10 that he gave himself at a White House...CONTINUE READING

President Trump thought dedicating a golf trophy to hurricane victims was a helpful idea

As Puerto Ricans continue struggling for access to food and water, in New Jersey on Sunday, President Trump dedicated the trophy of the President‘s Cup golf tournament to hurricane victims.  SEE ALSO: Here’s where Trump spent the past 10 days as Puerto Rico collapsed While presenting the trophy to U.S. team captain Steve Stricker, Trump,...CONTINUE READING

San Juan mayor slams Trump official’s claim that Puerto Rico response is a ‘good news’ story

On Friday, Mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulín Cruz did not contain her disgust and incredulity at the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke’s statement to CNN that the Trump administration’s emergency response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico is a “good news story.”  Mayor Cruz countered Duke’s statement with an impassioned plea that...CONTINUE READING

Why Google’s Project Loon can’t help fix the internet in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria demolished Puerto Rico’s brittle electrical grid in one slash across the island. In doing so, it also took the broadband infrastructure with it. A fix could soon be high-altitude concepts for beaming internet to disaster-stricken areas from the sky, but innovations like that (such as Google’s Project Loon) are still in their R&D...CONTINUE READING

Beer company fills their cans with water for Mexico’s earthquake victims

As Mexico recovers from two monster earthquakes that left buildings toppled and hundreds dead, all hands are on deck for recovery.  The Mexican beer company and Heineken subsidiary Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma is stepping up in a big way.  SEE ALSO: Horrific videos capture terror of Mexico’s latest earthquake After delivering their initial store of canned water...CONTINUE READING
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