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Category / Discrimination

Diane Keaton finally spoke up about Woody Allen, and you won’t like what she has to say

Diane Keaton is standing by Woody Allen. The Annie Hall actress defended the director on Twitter, writing, “Woody Allen is my friend and I continue to believe him.”  SEE ALSO: Woody Allen’s actors are turning against him, and it’s about time The tweet included a video clip of Allen’s 60 Minutes interview from 1992. In...CONTINUE READING

Women have resorted to farting to deflect sexual harassment

And now, a dispatch from our sad reality: women are farting — or pretending to fart — in order to stave off sexual harassers. A particularly salient example comes from the r/TwoXChromosomes subreddit. In a post called “I got my sexual aggressor fired from work today. I’m quite satisfied,” user ThankCod details her use of...CONTINUE READING

Aziz Ansari’s career isn’t over. So what happens now?

If Hollywood’s reckoning has made some people very, very uneasy, maybe that’s a good thing.  As Imran Siddiquee, a writer and filmmaker focused on race, gender, and pop culture points out, that discomfort in itself is a “necessary part of change.”  “Whether you have been accused of assault or not, if the #metoo and #timesup...CONTINUE READING

One major question remains for Uber: Why is its head of HR still there?

When serious questions first began to emerge about Uber’s culture, Liane Hornsey didn’t see a problem.  The chief of human resources for the company, the person who is supposed to be the top representative for Uber employees, just wasn’t worried, and she didn’t see what former Uber engineer Susan Fowler described in her viral blog...CONTINUE READING

Uber’s CEO reportedly sent out rules for sex between employees before a 2013 party

Who would have guessed that a company under investigation for chronic sexual harassment would have distributed guidelines for sex between employees before a party in Miami? According to a report in Recode, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick sent an email outlining those rules before Uber celebrated launching in its 50th city in 2013. In a note...CONTINUE READING

Spotify is now pulling white supremacy music off its service

Charlottesville has inspired domain servers and social platforms to act and take more action against white supremacy. Now, music-streaming services are stepping up. Spotify has pulled several white-supremacist bands from its service, Billboard reported Wednesday. SEE ALSO: GoDaddy bans neo-Nazi site after cretinous Charlottesville article This move comes three years after Southern Poverty Law Center...CONTINUE READING

Aziz Ansari accused of sexual misconduct, he responds

Aziz Ansari issued a statement Sunday night following an anonymous report from Babe 24 hours earlier, where a woman accused Ansari of sexual misconduct during a date the two went on in September. In a statement to Mashable, Ansari essentially agreed with the woman’s account of the evening, ending his note by stating that he...CONTINUE READING

Number of women behind the camera in Hollywood hasn’t changed in 20 years, study finds

In 2017, the top three films of the 2017 box office all starred women. But behind the camera, things aren’t looking as promising. Sure, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Wonder Woman and Beauty and the Beast made it seem like female representation in Hollywood was on the up, but women comprised just 18 percent of...CONTINUE READING

James Damore is suing Google for alleged discrimination against white male conservatives

James Damore, a fired Google engineer famous for penning a memo that argued lack of diversity in tech is in part because women are biologically inferior to men, has sued his former employer.  SEE ALSO: Google employee who wrote sexist manifesto identified Damore was one of two plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit filed on...CONTINUE READING
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