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Women face pay inequality and have no path for advancement at Google, lawsuit claims

Three women who say they faced discrimination in salary and promotions at Google are hoping to turn their experiences into a class-action lawsuit.  A trio of former Google employees filed a lawsuit against the tech giant on Thursday that alleges that the company systematically paid women less for the same work and denied them opportunities...CONTINUE READING

The ACLU is calling out Motel 6 for reportedly giving guest lists to ICE

The ACLU is publicly questioning Motel 6 after a Phoenix New Times report found that at least two of the motel chain’s locations sent guest information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  One Motel 6 clerk told the Phoenix New Times that employees at that location “push a button” to send ICE guest information every...CONTINUE READING

Uber’s sexism problem, distilled into 15 words

Uber is making sweeping changes at the company after an external investigation by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed what many already knew—the company has a serious culture problem. SEE ALSO: Uber’s CEO is taking a leave of absence following release of investigation findings These changes–all approved by the board of directors —include dismissing...CONTINUE READING

Uber’s CEO is taking a leave of absence following release of investigation findings

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is taking a leave of absence from the company he built into one of the world’s biggest private businesses. It’s not clear how long Kalanick will be away from Uber or who will be serving as interim head of the company, but the move signals the biggest shift yet for the...CONTINUE READING

Young Chinese Aussies report highest levels of discrimination, survey finds

Racism is still pervasive in Australian society, but it’s alarming how many young people say they’re on the receiving end of it. Chinese Australians report the highest levels of discrimination due to their race and cultural background, according to Mission Australia’s 2016 Youth Survey.  The survey of teenagers, commissioned by the charity, covers 22,000 respondents...CONTINUE READING

<div>What the ACLU and NAACP think of Facebook's 'ethnic affinity' marketing</div>

When ProPublica revealed that Facebook allowed advertisers to target or exclude users by their “ethnic affinity,” the social network at first doubled down on defending the practice.  “We are committed to providing people with quality ad experiences, which includes helping people see messages that are both relevant to the cultural communities they are interested in...CONTINUE READING

Facebook makes smallest necessary change to race-based ad targeting

Facebook will no longer allow advertisers to target or exclude different races in ads related to housing, employment and credit, the company said Friday.  “Since concerns about our ethnic affinity marketing were raised, Facebook has been meeting with stakeholders to listen to their feedback and ideas about how Facebook can better support its existing efforts...CONTINUE READING

<div>A depressingly long list of hateful attacks shared online since Trump's election</div>

One journalist is carefully tracking reports of hateful speech and violence following the election of Donald Trump as president. Shaun King is the senior justice writer at the New York Daily News and he’s making sure incidents of discrimination are aired out on Twitter for everyone to see. SEE ALSO: Muslim women are scared to...CONTINUE READING

Charlotte girl delivers tearful plea to city council to end the violence

At a city council open forum in Charlotte, North Carolina, 9-year-old Zianna Oliphant begged for an end to the violence and discrimination black Americans in her community face. Her sorrow comes in the wake of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting by police and subsequent protests. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Police Violence, Discrimination, Politics, and...CONTINUE READING
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