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Man has the best response to manager who asked him to remove his makeup

Don’t mess with a masterpiece and expect to not be called out. A man in the UK was allegedly discriminated against for wearing makeup in the workplace, despite his the company‘s lack of a no-makeup policy. Scott Ayton-Laplanche stated on Facebook that his manager had asked him to remove his makeup, even though his female...CONTINUE READING

There's been a big victory for LGBTQ workers in the fight against discrimination

It’s been a long time coming, but LGBTQ workers are finally a step closer to being truly protected from workplace discrimination, according to a ruling from a federal appeals court in Chicago. The judges determined that, under the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act, LGBT employees cannot be fired on the basis of their sexual orientation,...CONTINUE READING

ICYMI, being low level at a tech company sucks so much more now

Working at Apple may sound glamorous, broadly speaking. But janitors and other lower-level workers don’t have it easy with their gigs at the most profitable company in the world.  Unfortunately for these workers, that wasn’t always the case at tech giants in AmericaThe New York Times explored these differences Sunday by comparing a janitor working...CONTINUE READING

Trump’s official trans ban lets military kick out currently serving troops

The tweets became policy on Friday when President Donald Trump signed a long-awaited directive officially banning transgender individuals from serving in the military. The directive also gives Defense Secretary Jim Mattis the authority to kick out trans people currently serving in the armed forces, according to the New York Times. Mattis, who will have wide...CONTINUE READING

Women face pay inequality and have no path for advancement at Google, lawsuit claims

Three women who say they faced discrimination in salary and promotions at Google are hoping to turn their experiences into a class-action lawsuit.  A trio of former Google employees filed a lawsuit against the tech giant on Thursday that alleges that the company systematically paid women less for the same work and denied them opportunities...CONTINUE READING

The ACLU is calling out Motel 6 for reportedly giving guest lists to ICE

The ACLU is publicly questioning Motel 6 after a Phoenix New Times report found that at least two of the motel chain’s locations sent guest information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  One Motel 6 clerk told the Phoenix New Times that employees at that location “push a button” to send ICE guest information every...CONTINUE READING

Uber’s CEO is taking a leave of absence following release of investigation findings

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is taking a leave of absence from the company he built into one of the world’s biggest private businesses. It’s not clear how long Kalanick will be away from Uber or who will be serving as interim head of the company, but the move signals the biggest shift yet for the...CONTINUE READING

Uber’s sexism problem, distilled into 15 words

Uber is making sweeping changes at the company after an external investigation by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed what many already knew—the company has a serious culture problem. SEE ALSO: Uber’s CEO is taking a leave of absence following release of investigation findings These changes–all approved by the board of directors —include dismissing...CONTINUE READING
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