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Oh whew, the brand new ‘Aladdin’ trailer has an actual blue Genie

All right, Disney fans. You asked for it and now you got it.  The new trailer for the live action Aladdin shows a lot of awesome new footage, including the Cave of Wonders, Abu, Jasmine’s dope fashion, and most importantly a truly blue Will Smith as the genie. You ain’t never had a friend like...CONTINUE READING

New ‘Dumbo’ trailer has extra of Danny DeVito being himself

The live-action remake of Dumbo is just around the corner, and yes, you’ve probably already seen our little friend fly. In a new trailer released on Wednesday, we get a glimpse into the characters around the famed elephant, like Danny DeVito, who as the circus ringmaster reprises that snappy demeanour which we’ve loved from Matilda...CONTINUE READING

Unique: Fozzie Undergo’s newest function is a caricature dentist

Why do bears not make good dentists? Because they think a root canal is a place where you hibernate! Wocka wocka.  While Fozzie Bear himself won’t be doing any actual dentistry, he will lend his voice to an episode of Disney’s Big City Greens as Dr. Enamel. The role marks Fozzie’s first move into voiceover...CONTINUE READING

‘Captain Surprise’ has easiest first day price ticket gross sales of any Surprise film — except for for one

Captain Marvel, the hero poised to save our Avengers post-Infinity War, is already proving herself one of the strongest Avengers with a first-day pre-sale record on Atom tickets. In its first 24 hours of ticket sales, Captain Marvel beat out Deadpool 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and even Black Panther’s established sales records.  SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Audi companions with Disney to entertain automotive passengers with VR

Audi is getting into the entertainment business — well, sort of… The car-maker is collaborating with Disney Games and Interactive Experiences this week at CES to demonstrate how a car’s backseat can be more than just a place to hangout while you travel to your final destination. Using a virtual reality headset in this limited-run...CONTINUE READING
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Disney’s field place of work crowned $7 billion in 2018 and part of it used to be Wonder films

In 2009, Disney paid $4 billion to acquire Marvel. Less than 10 years later, in 2018, Marvel movies accounted for more than half of Disney’s $7.3 billion box office haul. I’d say that was a good investment, wouldn’t you? SEE ALSO: ‘Aquaman’ overtakes ‘Wonder Woman’ in global box office total In Disney’s final box office...CONTINUE READING
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