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Google employee who wrote sexist manifesto identified

We now reportedly know the identity of the Google software engineer who authored the anti-diversity “manifesto” that went viral inside of the company.  Motherboard, which first reported the existence of the document Saturday, just published a version of the memo that contains the author’s name, as well as all of the citations he linked to...CONTINUE READING

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ cast knees in solidarity with the NFL

With Star Trek’s legacy of diversity, it seems fitting that the cast of the reboot series, Star Trek: Discovery, would enter the national conversation on the NFL national anthem protests less than 24 hours after the show’s premiere. SEE ALSO: #TakeAKnee protests are about police violence, not the military or the Constitution On Monday morning,...CONTINUE READING

‘Lost Legacy’ proves the best thing ‘Uncharted’ did was ditch Nathan Drake

The newest chapter of the Uncharted series, The Lost Legacy, should make you want to throw out every game in the franchise before it. Calling Lost Legacy a promising next step for the series in a post-Nathan Drake world doesn’t do it justice. In fact, it’s practically an insult. The comparison diminishes what the game...CONTINUE READING

Silicon Valley’s resident nice guy is ready to try venture capital

Silicon Valley venture capitalists are often associated with three commas, cars with butterfly doors, and hot tubs by Lake Tahoe. But none of that comes to mind when people think about Ryan Hoover. His name is frequently followed by “so nice” and “humble.”  SEE ALSO: How the tech elite’s addiction to fancy coffee turned Blue...CONTINUE READING

Tech workers: Donald Trump's America is forcing us to address diversity

Diversity and inclusion shouldn’t be political, but in 2017, it is.  Software company Atlassian came out on Wednesday with one of the first surveys about diversity to be published under the Trump Administration. And things are different now than they were five short months ago.  Almost half of tech workers — 48 percent — told...CONTINUE READING
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Google recruiters are getting an earful about that sexist ‘manifesto’

Google is still dealing with the fallout from the sexist, anti-diversity “manifesto” authored by an unidentified engineer at the company. Now, it looks like the backlash caused by the memo is starting to hurt the company’s chances with prospective employees. People have started to take to Twitter to share responses to Google recruiters in light...CONTINUE READING
Category:Diversity, Google

This VC firm just made its 50th investment in underrepresented founders

Backstage Capital launched with a mission: to support underrepresented founders and to invest in 100 of them by 2020.  Almost two years after getting off the ground, the venture firm is halfway to that goal. Last week, Backstage Capital invested in its 50th company, adding to a roster of portfolio companies nearly all from traditionally...CONTINUE READING

Getty launches new partnership to promote positive images of Muslim women online

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh often starts her public speaking gigs by asking the audience to whip out their phones, do an image search of “Muslim women” and see what pops up. They usually gasp at the results — pages and pages of one-dimensional stock photos showing women behind black veils, failing to capture the diversity of Muslim...CONTINUE READING
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