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What happens when internet subcultures get discovered by the masses

It’s Viral Market Crash week on Mashable. Join us as we take stock of the viral economy and investigate how the internet morphed from a fun free-for-all to a bleak hellscape we just can’t quit. If we’ve learned anything from the Ken Bones and Chewbacca moms of the internet, or the graveyard of expired memes...CONTINUE READING

Turn your apartment into an urban oasis with these DIY home gardening products

Your home is your sanctuary. Your choice of decor has an impact upon the overall energy of your space, and adding a little greenery is one of the easiest ways to truly transform a house or apartment into a home. In fact, studies have shown that indoor plants may even reduce psychological and physiological stress....CONTINUE READING

Fan builds replica of Rey’s ‘Star Wars’ blaster, and it actually shoots ‘lasers’

Replicas of Star Wars weapons are not uncommon. But Joerg Sprave took weapon replication to the next level, creating a copy of Rey’s blaster that not only looks like the real thing, but also shoots like the real thing. Since this is the Earth and not a galaxy far, far away, Sprave had to improvise...CONTINUE READING

Nothing is stopping you from making your own giant McDonald’s hash brown

If you’re a fan of McDonald’s hash browns, this video shows you how to make your own at home. Our prayers have been answered. YouTube channel Hellthy Junk Food outlined two different ways to create your own hash brown similar to the fast food favorite. Both of them seem rather tedious, but that won’t stop...CONTINUE READING

Couple maps mesmerizing fiber optic star ceiling after their future daughter’s due date

This couple deserves an award, and they haven’t even had their child yet. After seeing a thread on Reddit’s r/DIY subreddit with a similar idea, Andy and Lisa decided to make a fiber-optic star ceiling in their daughter’s nursery. Only this one has a precise star map  based on their child’s due date. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Jazz up your graduation cap with these 14 clever designs

Commencement season is around the corner, which means students nationwide will receive their graduation caps soon. Unfortunately, graduation caps are probably the worst pieces of attire imposed upon students: They’re itchy, they’re ugly, and they’re impossible to keep on your head.  SEE ALSO: Congrats, grad: here’s how to keep your graduation cap from falling off...CONTINUE READING

Spend too much time at Michaels or Hobby Lobby? This crafting-themed subscription box is for you.

Some people spend all their money on clothes, some people spend their money on the newest iPhone, and some people spend all their money on crafting.  You know that person: they always have “a project going,” stock up on hot glue sticks, and think that spending four hours in Michaels sounds more fun than a...CONTINUE READING
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