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Category / Dogs Funny

Adorable dogs mistake their owner’s braid for a chew toy

In, what is perhaps the cutest mishap ever, two dogs mistook their owner’s braid for a chew toy.  During a lively play session with their owner, pups Cooper and Murphy excitedly discovered their braid and began to enthusiastically play with it. And not to worry, the dogs were extremely gentle with the braid. In complete...CONTINUE READING

Beautiful Australian Shepherd is high as a kite and doesn’t care about anything

Just imagine Air Bud meets Pineapple Express. That’s the current life of this Australian Shepherd.  Hank the Aussie Tanks had an eventful Sunday. Though we don’t exactly know why, Hank’s owner said that the poor pup was home from the vet with morphine in his system. It made for a very amused owner and a...CONTINUE READING