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Donald Trump Jr. shared a meme about ladies and it backfired spectacularly

Donald Trump Jr. might want to hold off sharing Twitter memes for a bit while he recovers from the internet dragging him. Following the State of the Union, the president‘s son decided to tweet a meme about the Democratic women of Congress on Wednesday, who wore suffragette white to the address to make a powerful...CONTINUE READING

Don Jr. thinks ‘S&L’ is brief for ‘Saturday Night time Reside’

Donald Trump Jr., who is the universally acknowledged king of comedy, referred to Saturday Night Live as “S&L” in a tweet Thursday morning. Don was trying — bless his heart — to make a quip about the 2020 race. “It’s almost like a funny version of an S&L skit,” he replied to a (wrong) tweet...CONTINUE READING

Donald Trump Jr mocks Kavanaugh accuser with vile, nonsensical meme

Ever one of our worst people, Donald Trump Jr took some time out of his weekend to mock Christine Blasey Ford, the professor who came forward with sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. On Sunday, Don Jr posted a meme on Instagram with the caption “Judge Kavanaughs sexual assault letter found by...CONTINUE READING

Donald Trump Jr swam in a swamp full of gators who declined to eat him

Settle down everyone, promo pics from a new Shrek film weren’t released over the weekend — that’s just Donald Trump Jr neck-deep in a literal gator-infested swamp. The president‘s son apparently can’t say no to money, so when someone bet him he wouldn’t casually wade around in a Louisiana bayou, he obviously had to. SEE...CONTINUE READING

Kimberly Guilfoyle’s pet name for Don Jr. is apparently ‘Junior Mint’

Haven’t Junior Mints suffered enough? Next to Raisinets, they’ve always been the least popular candy at the movie theater. And now Page Six reports that former Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle’s pet name for her boo Donald Trump Jr. is, allegedly, “Junior Mint.” I’m sorry, my sweet minty candy. You don’t deserve this. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Trump Jr. shares a fake Photoshop of his daddy’s approval rating

Donald Trump Jr. was caught red-handed for a terrible Photoshop job, but this time it wasn’t because he airbrushed his pores into oblivion.  In a now-deleted Instagram post, Don Jr. shared a CNN report comparing Trump’s approval ratings with statistics from Obama’s presidency.  “Amazing,” Trump Jr. captioned it. “I guess there is a magic wand...CONTINUE READING

Trump and Trump Jr. jump on the false Twitter ‘shadow ban’ conspiracy theory

Nothing brings a father and son together like a conspiracy theory, amirite? Donald Trump and his lil’ son Jr. have jumped on the false narrative that Twitter is “shadow banning” conservatives. Let’s emphasize, right here, that this is a false narrative that Twitter has explained, and — most importantly — is consistent with the company’s...CONTINUE READING

We are sorry to say that Don Jr. posted some Fourth of July memes of his dad

Once again, Donald Trump, Jr. has made the misguided choice to log on. The large adult son and fish photo enthusiast has posted two truly baffling images of his father on Instagram. One of them features the president Photoshopped (poorly) into an American Revolution-era uniform. He is holding a gun. An eagle is perched on...CONTINUE READING
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