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Boost your Instagram game with these selfie drones, most of which are on sale

If you’re looking to up your selfie game, why not invest in some pocket-sized drones that can take awesome aerial photos of you and your friends? These three drones can help make your most memorable hangouts even more ‘grammable by shooting them from above like an action movie. Flyington Selfie Drone — 12% off The...CONTINUE READING

Controversial bill allowing authorities to shoot down private drones heads to the president’s desk

The U.S. government will soon have authority to shoot down private drones considered a threat. Following a House vote in April, the Senate this week passed the FAA Reauthorization Act, which renews funding for the Federal Aviation Administration until 2023. SEE ALSO: SpaceX nails another rocket landing on its droneship It also aims to modernize...CONTINUE READING

Learn to build your own robots, plus snag a DIY kit on sale

Imagine what sorts of cool tech inventions you could produce if only you had the tools and resources. You could maybe build a laptop that dispenses pizza (with the option to exclude pineapples, of course), or a physical shopping cart that automatically calculates the total price of its contents. If you’re like most people, the...CONTINUE READING

Ever dreamed of making your LEGOs fly as a kid? Now you can with this DIY drone kit.

Is it just us, or have people become drone-obsessed lately? They fly them in parks, beaches — basically any wide open area they can find. Your neighbor’s drone is probably even lodged in the tree in your backyard as you read this. With the rise of recreational drones, users are more concerned with how to...CONTINUE READING

Build your own custom drone with this kit that’s 25% off

If you’re a drone hobbyist, someone who enjoys building and programming cool gadgets, or dare we say both, you need to check out the Flexbot Hexacopter Kit. This tinkerer-friendly kit gives you all the tools you need to build virtually any flying machine you can think up. SEE ALSO: Uber Eats wants to deliver your food...CONTINUE READING

Parrot Anafi review: A compact drone that’s blind as a bat

Parrot Anafi $699.99 View Product The Good Foldable • lightweight design • Easy-to-use controls • Robust battery with 20-minute flight time • Great camera with a full gimbal The Bad No obstacle avoidance • No internal storage • In-app purchases for traditional drone features • Hovering at low altitudes is tough The Bottom Line It’s...CONTINUE READING

Here’s why the feds are freaked out about a drone attack

U.S. officials sent out a warning after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was attacked with explosive drones in a failed assassination attempt. The Aug. 4 attack targeted Maduro while he was giving a speech in Caracas. He was unharmed but seven soldiers were hurt. It raised concerns worldwide that commercial drones could be used to harm...CONTINUE READING

First look: Inside SureFly’s two-person octocopter

In Manhattan’s Flatiron Plaza on Monday, children gawked and construction workers tiptoed in curiosity around transportation company Workhorse’s product showcase of two futuristic vehicles: the first electric pickup truck, and the Surefly octocopter drone. Workhorse is a midwestern transportation company that specializes in electric trucks, particularly for commercial (not personal) use. It gained attention this...CONTINUE READING
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