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nine of the most efficient drones in step with Amazon evaluations

Over the past few years, drones and quadcopters have become more accessible. The cost of designing and manufacturing a good quality drone has gone down, so now more and more people can take up the hobby or up their photography game with impressive and daring photos and videos. But some drones are definitely better than...CONTINUE READING

This aquatic drone will make your underwater pictures glance surprising

You’re probably familiar with instagram accounts that have crazy cool drone footage of city landscapes, but what about the world beneath the waves? Navatics’ MITO is here to make underwater photos and videos more accessible, at a $1,499 price tag. Check out our video to learn more about how this aquatic drone can improve your...CONTINUE READING

The 10 perfect UK drone offers in January: Hotbird, JoyGeek, Parrot, and extra

Drones have been dominating the headlines in the UK over the last few weeks, and not for positive reasons. In case you haven’t heard, they have caused absolute chaos at both Gatwick and Heathrow airports, resulting in delays, cancellations, and complete shutdowns. Who would have thought a little drone could cause so much trouble? The...CONTINUE READING

China is pioneering the way forward for automation — by means of turning its eyes to the skies

In China, the era of automation we’ve all been promised by science fiction films is already underway. Not only is the country investing heavily in autonomous vehicles like cars — it’s also turning its eyes to the skies. In a recent survey, UBS found that the airline industry could save up to $35 billion by...CONTINUE READING

Drone sightings reason extra chaos at some other UK airport, army will get referred to as in

Another day, another drone-related airport shutdown. It’s only been a few weeks since drone sightings at London’s Gatwick Airport caused around 1,000 flights to be delayed, and prompted a huge police search for the culprits. SEE ALSO: UK police get new powers to seize and search naughty drones And on Tuesday evening, shortly after the...CONTINUE READING

UK police get new powers to take hold of and seek naughty drones

Remember the enormous, pre-Christmas chaos those drone sightings caused at London’s Gatwick Airport last month? The ones that put the whole airport on lockdown, delayed roughly 1,000 flights and prompted a lengthy police investigation? SEE ALSO: Still at large: Drones responsible for shutting down one of the UK’s busiest airports Well, it looks like people...CONTINUE READING

NYPD surveillance drone will fly above Instances Sq. on New Yr’s Eve

It’s a bird, it’s a plane — it’s a…surveillance drone? For the first time in history, the New York Police Department will fly a drone over Times Square to monitor the crowd during the annual New Year’s Eve celebration. The drone will surveil the event alongside more than 1,200 cameras in order to assist around...CONTINUE READING

Nonetheless at huge: Drones liable for shutting down one of the crucial UK’s busiest airports

After a drone-induced shutdown, London’s Gatwick Airport is back up and running again. Still at large, however, are the drones which caused around 1,000 flights to be diverted or cancelled over three days late last week, with Sussex Police investigating 67 drone sightings made by the public. SEE ALSO: This drone was built to detect...CONTINUE READING

Drone sightings are inflicting overall chaos at one of the vital UK’s busiest airports

Holiday season is peak time for drone enthusiasts.  Kids are off school, people are treating themselves to new toys, and all across the country amateur flyers will be keenly testing out their newly-acquired gifts. SEE ALSO: Drones are smuggling so much contraband into prisons that the UK created a ‘squad’ Apparently it’s not such a...CONTINUE READING

This drone used to be constructed to locate and take down ‘rogue’ drones

These days drones are everywhere, and so is the risk of bad actors using them to execute terrorist attacks, spying operations, and other illicit activities. For that reason, Fortem Technologies has built DroneHunter, a large drone that fires a massive net to capture any unauthorized drones flying over restricted areas. In the past, we’ve seen...CONTINUE READING
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