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Ed Sheeran’s Instagram engagement announcement is as cute as you’d expect

Yes, Ed Sheeran got engaged and he didn’t even tell you. Rude. SEE ALSO: Taylor Swift parties in three cities for ‘End Game’ video with Future and Ed Sheeran Well he’s telling you now. On Sunday, Ed Sheeran revealed on Instagram that he got engaged to his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn. Got myself a fiancé just...CONTINUE READING

Kit Harington had an awkward first meeting with Ed Sheeran in a men’s toilet

Not all great friendships start at a urinal, but some clearly do. Kit Harington and Ed Sheeran’s, for instance. During an appearance on The Late Late Show, everyone’s favourite Northern badass told the story of how he first bumped into Sheeran in a gent’s toilets. SEE ALSO: Ed Sheeran, Kit Harrington, Zach Braff and some...CONTINUE READING

'Divide' is a choose-your-own adventure Ed Sheeran experience

Is Ed Sheeran the right person to be singing Ed Sheeran songs? That’s something he’s trying to grapple with on ÷ (or Divide), which takes a bolder divide and conquer approach to the British songwriter’s well charted genre-hopping ways.  The point was clear from the get-go, when he kicked things off by simultaneously releasing two...CONTINUE READING

Let’s not kid ourselves, Ed Sheeran on ‘Game of Thrones’ was silly AF

Hey cool kids, this post has spoilers for Season 7, episode one. So, like, don’t read unless you’ve watched. Duh.  You know when you’re watching your favorite high fantasy television show and then this mega famous pop star just shows up in a scene and rips you out of the episode? That was the feeling...CONTINUE READING

The ‘Game of Thrones’ premiere was surprisingly hilarious

This post is dark and full of spoilers. Game of Thrones is a lot of things — but funny isn’t usually one of them. But that all changed in “Dragonstone,” the first episode of Season 7, which featured more laugh-out-loud moments than the show has had in years.  That’s probably due to the fact that...CONTINUE READING
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