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Forget the subway, Elon Musk wants us all to commute on his ‘Urban Loop System’

Elon Musk recently tweeted about prioritizing pedestrians and bikers over cars with his ‘Urban Loop System.’  These pods would ideally be better than subways and shuttles because they can reach speeds up to 125 mph and would leave you closer to your destination thanks to thousands of small stations.  People are voicing concerns about safety,...CONTINUE READING

Elon Musk says he’s inspired by Kanye West and Fred Astaire

This isn’t the first time the tech-giant has expressed admiration for Kanye. SEE ALSO: At SXSW, Sony’s putting people in digital hamster balls Elon Musk gave a surprise interview at SXSW on Sunday, and the interviewer co-creator of Westworld Jonathan Nolan asked Musk who inspired him. “Well Kanye West, obviously,” he replied. .@ElonMusk says he’s...CONTINUE READING

Elon Musk says he’s ‘optimistic’ Mars ship will make first trips in 2019

Elon Musk says he’s making “great progress” toward his goal of getting to Mars by 2022.  Speaking during a last-minute appearance at SXSW, Musk said he thinks SpaceX’s Mars ship will be ready for its first trips in less than a year. SEE ALSO: Elon Musk drops epic Falcon Heavy launch trailers made by ‘Westworld’...CONTINUE READING
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Elon Musk drops epic Falcon Heavy launch trailers made by ‘Westworld’ co-creator

Attendees of the the Westworld panel at SXSW got a surprise visit from Elon Musk. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO used the panel to not only inspire a new generation on space exploration, but also drop two epic highlight reels of the Falcon Heavy rocket launch that carried Starman riding in a Tesla Roadster into...CONTINUE READING

Elon Musk says his Boring Company tunnels are for cyclists and pedestrians

Elon Musk’s Boring Company is set to revolution the face of … cycling? In a series of Friday afternoon tweets, the totally not-a-Bond-villain CEO made clear that his proposed system of underground tunnels will not in fact be focused on whisking cars around. Instead, he insisted, they’ll be mainly for pedestrians and cyclists.  SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Thousands of SpaceX Starlink satellites could pose ‘unprecedented’ space junk problem

The derelict Russian satellite Cosmos 2251 had been aimlessly spinning around Earth for nearly 15 years when, in 2009, it slammed into a functional Iridium telecommunication satellite at 26,000 miles per hour. This collision sprayed an estimated 200,000 centimeter-sized bits of debris into orbit around Earth. Another 3,200 broken pieces from the crash were much...CONTINUE READING

Elon Musk gets permission to do a little digging for his Hyperloop

It’s been far easier for Elon Musk to send a rocket to the Mars than move a pebble in Washington, D.C. That could be changing, according to The Washington Post. The SpaceX entrepreneur’s tunnel digging company, The Boring Company, recently received vague permission to do some exploratory digging at 53 New York Avenue NE. SEE...CONTINUE READING

Predictably, people are reselling Elon Musk’s flamethrower on eBay for jacked-up prices

Elon Musk’s Boring Company flamethrowers are as good as sold out. Naturally it means people out there will be will looking for one, and lo and behold, people are flipping their flamethrowers for inflated prices online. SEE ALSO: Launching a Tesla to space is really, really stupid, but I love it all the same On...CONTINUE READING

Launching a Tesla to space is really, really stupid, but I love it all the same

On Tuesday, something truly ridiculous is going to space.  Elon Musk’s SpaceX is launching the first flight of its new rocket, the Falcon Heavy. And what is it taking to space? Perhaps a satellite? Maybe a student experiment? Nope!  SEE ALSO: Elon Musk announces an early February launch plan for Falcon Heavy SpaceX is launching...CONTINUE READING
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