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Learn MailChimp for $10 and scale your email marketing efforts

If you’re a podcast listener, you probably know MailChimp from the meme-inspiring ad that aired before every episode of Serial. But if you have no idea what we’re talking about, then allow us to explain. SEE ALSO: Learning Excel with this course could be your ticket to a higher pay grade MailChimp is a popular...CONTINUE READING

The email problem no one is talking about: mistaken identity

This post is part of Me, online, Mashable’s ongoing series digging into online identities. In 2009, a San Francisco web strategist named Tim — last name withheld for reasons that will become clear — opened his Gmail to find a message from a Build-a-Bear workshop in St. Louis. The email was addressed to someone called...CONTINUE READING

Gmail for iOS will now use AI to filter push notifications

Google wants to use AI to help determine which emails you receive as notifications. The Gmail app on iOS (it’s not yet available on the Android version) now offers users an option to only get notifications for “high priority emails.” The feature uses artificial intelligence to determine which messages recipients would deem important and lets...CONTINUE READING

A major new vulnerability could expose your encrypted emails

Nobody wants snoops peeking at their emails. Unfortunately, the newly discovered “Efail” vulnerability could make that a possibility.  On Monday morning, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) reported that Efail is able to expose HTML emails encrypted with PGP and S/MIME encryption programs — even those that were sent years ago. These tools are commonly employed...CONTINUE READING

The ‘right to disconnect’ won’t save you from after-work hell, but it’s a start

What does “after work” mean anymore?  Not much. These days, employers can Slack you late Friday night, send you an email Saturday morning, and text you with an “emergency” on Sunday night. In America’s workaholic culture, instant messaging is the 3 a.m. tequila shot nobody needs. But here we are, slumped over, bleary eyed, and...CONTINUE READING

Google told us more about how that ‘expiring emails’ feature works

Gmail’s massive redesign includes a feature that has previously only been available on corporate email services, encryption-oriented programs like ProtonMail and Signal, and, well, Snapchat: disappearing messages. SEE ALSO: How to upgrade to Google’s new Gmail right now It’s part of Gmail’s new “confidential mode,” which will supposedly give users an added layer of security...CONTINUE READING

Here’s why you’re getting all those terms of service update emails

Get the feeling you’re suddenly being bombarded with emails from companies about updated terms of service policies? You are. And there’s a good reason: the European Union’s forthcoming efforts to protect our personal data. SEE ALSO: Facebook won’t extend European data privacy protections around the world In April 2016, the EU announced it would soon...CONTINUE READING
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Gmail accounts appear to send out spam, and their owners are baffled

Something is not right in the land of Gmail.  Numerous account holders woke up Sunday morning to discover a raft of spam emails sitting in their sent folders, and that even after changing their passwords the emails kept going out. At least some of these people, including a Mashable editor, had two-factor authentication enabled on...CONTINUE READING
Category:Email, Gmail, Google, Spam, Tech
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