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We are getting a length emoji and it is bloody good information

It’s happening. We’re definitely getting a period emoji.  Unicode has confirmed the period emoji has been given the go-ahead and will hit keyboards in spring 2019.  The blood drop emoji is the result of a campaign led by girls’ rights group Plan International UK backed by 55,000 people, which set out to smash the silence...CONTINUE READING

‘They live among us’ is the meme for your spiciest opinions

What’s your hottest take?  Whether it’s putting pineapple on pizza or actually liking Ed Sheeran’s sense of style, everyone has a divisive opinion that’s bound to tear apart families. And why keep your terrible thoughts to yourself when you can share them on the internet in glorious meme form?  SEE ALSO: ASCII bunnies are back...CONTINUE READING

No one can figure out what this new emoji means, and it’s pretty hilarious

A whole bunch of new emoji were released on Tuesday in iOS 12.1 — 158, to be precise. But there’s one new smiley emoji in particular that people just can’t figure out. The new emoji’s expression is a mix between a wink, a grimace, and a blush, and as a result people are questioning what...CONTINUE READING

Apple fixes the bagel emoji because New Yorkers have a lot of feelings about breakfast

Listen, I don’t need to tell you that people have a lot of feelings about breakfast food. Especially when it comes to bagels.  When Apple first unveiled the design of its forthcoming bagel emoji, there was an almighty furore. Bagel-loving New Yorkers criticised the initial design for its sub-par appearance.  SEE ALSO: Forget burgers, Ukrainians...CONTINUE READING
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