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Apple and Facebook could be asked by Australia to build tools to get around encryption

Like the FBI, Australia has been finding ways to get past encryption, with big tech companies famously not making it easy for authorities. In response, Australia’s government unveiled draft plans on Tuesday to make companies help intelligence and law enforcement agencies with access to encrypted messages and devices — but without building a backdoor. SEE...CONTINUE READING

Apple’s officially making it harder for cops to bust into your iPhone

Score one for privacy.  Apple intends to update its iOS with a new feature that will make it significantly more difficult for law enforcement agencies to access data on locked iPhones. While we learned last month that something similar was in the works, we now know for sure that the Cupertino-based tech giant intends to...CONTINUE READING

Signal just fixed a bug that meant disappearing messages remained on MacOS

The encrypted messaging app Signal is wonderful — assuming it works as intended.  That last bit was thrown into question yesterday when Motherboard reported that a quirk of MacOS meant that, if you happened to be using the Signal MacOS desktop app, messages could remain on your computer even after they had been removed from...CONTINUE READING

Twitter is testing secret, encrypted direct messaging

With the proliferation of secure messaging apps out there, Twitter is set to join in on the action. The company is seemingly testing end-to-end encrypted direct messaging in the Android version of its app, as spotted by computer science student Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter. SEE ALSO: The mute button is Twitter‘s most underrated feature...CONTINUE READING

Apple vs. the FBI never ended, and the FBI is winning

If you own an iPhone, you should be concerned about GrayKey. That’s the name for a new kind of device that’s becoming increasingly popular with law enforcement agencies across the U.S., according to recent reports. It’s popular because it unlocks iPhones protected with a passcode, even ones running Apple’s most recent software, iOS 11. GrayKey...CONTINUE READING

Indonesia blocks Telegram, fearing terror groups using it to pass encrypted messages

Indonesia has blocked popular messaging service Telegram, over concerns of radical groups using the encrypted platform to spread information in the Muslim-majority nation. The government blocked Telegram on the web last Friday, threatening to block the app after, if the company did not address illegal content on it. In response, Telegram said on Sunday it...CONTINUE READING

How to protect your phone from border guards, and why it's probably a bad idea

If the government wants your data, they’re probably going to get it — one way or another.  As many are belatedly realizing under the administration of Donald Trump, Fourth Amendment protections against “unreasonable search and seizure” pretty much go up in smoke at the U.S. border. Travelers entering the country have long been accustomed to...CONTINUE READING

Texas church shooting reignites the encryption debate between Apple and FBI

The encryption debate is heating back up. Monday, the San Antonio Express-News confirmed that Texas authorities have served Apple with a search warrant for files stored on an iPhone SE discovered at the scene of the Sutherland Springs church shooting earlier this month. The confirmation puts Apple back into a complicated legal battle with the...CONTINUE READING
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