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‘Purrmaids’ combine everything great about the internet into one cute necklace

Cats, mermaids, and unicorns are the kings and queens of the internet. Who would have guessed that if you combine them all together, they would make for an adorable pendant? Etsy shop Girl and Her Cat specializes in creating custom “purrmaid” pendants for those who love cats in all their forms, including unicorn and mermaid....CONTINUE READING

Take your lobes to the Jurassic era with these plastic dinosaur earrings

There’s aren’t too many childhood toys you can wear in your earlobes, so consider this a (pre)historic opportunity. Hong Kong-based Etsy shop OOOWORKSHOP is currently selling earrings upcycled from tiny plastic dinosaurs: including the Ankylosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Brontosaurus and even a fierce little Velociraptor. While the earrings look bulky — you know, because dinosaurs were bulky...CONTINUE READING

Etsy proposes 3 ways to improve the gig economy in new report

Etsy has been thinking hard about the gig economy.  The online marketplace for handmade goods knows its sellers aren’t traditional gig economy workers. They’re not paid hourly, and they’re not delivering food or driving an Uber. Etsy sellers would be more likely to think of themselves as small business owners than contract workers.  Still, Etsy...CONTINUE READING