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'Glitter booty' is the latest bizarre beauty trend you've secretly always wanted

Glitter is all the rage. We’ve seen beards, roots, eyebrows and even armpits transformed into sparkly creations thanks to a series of glitter trends.  SEE ALSO: ‘Glitter pits’ don’t just embrace your body, they celebrate it But, the latest glitter trend involves rubbing glitter all over your derrière. Right… A post shared by Mia Kennington...CONTINUE READING

The badass bomber jackets of WWII airmen

The Type A-2 leather flight jacket — commonly called the “bomber jacket” — was standardized in 1931 as the jacket issued to U.S. Army Air Forces officers upon completion of basic flight training.The distinctive jacket represented an airman’s elite status, and was worn and decorated with pride.Airmen emblazoned their A-2s with rank insignia, squadron patches...CONTINUE READING