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7 videos of people setting their Thanksgiving turkeys on fire

Nothing screams Thanksgiving like a deep-fryer fire and a charred turkey. We’re not talking a little smoke either. There are people out there whose fryers and ovens have been engulfed in flames on the biggest food holiday of the year.   If you’re looking for reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving, just be thankful if...CONTINUE READING

Violent fire vortex sucks up a firehose in dramatic video. What happened?

Thousands of miles away from the deadly deluges brought by the now-tropical depression Florence, wildland firefighters are still battling extreme blazes out West.  An intense video posted to Instagram on Sunday shows a firefighting crew’s violent meeting with a large fire vortex, known scientifically as a fire whirl.  SEE ALSO: A fire tornado hit California....CONTINUE READING

A NASA prototype could save the lives of firefighters as blazes erupt in western U.S.

Nearly 40 large wildfires now burn across the United States.  Blazes are expected this time of year, with hot air, dry land, and gusty winds stoking big fires throughout the western U.S. But today, twice as much land is burned than in the early 1980s, when the U.S. Forest Service started keeping good fire records...CONTINUE READING

This veteran firefighter and amputee is building powerful prosthetics for extreme sports

Braden Leonard is the founder of Hand Made Prosthetics – a startup designing robust prosthetic gear for people with limb loss who want to pursue extreme sports. Leonard is currently an Autodesk BUILD resident and is using emerging tech to find ways of upgrading what’s possible for upper limb prosthetic devices.  Read more…More about Mashable Video,...CONTINUE READING

Incredible footage shows firefighter catching child thrown from balcony

If you ever doubted the bravery of firefighters (for argument’s sake, because why would anyone do that) let this video be the living proof that they are, in fact, heroes. SEE ALSO: Terrifying footage shows the cruise that traveled through the bomb cyclone On Monday DeKalb County Fire Department released helmet-cam footage, showing the moment...CONTINUE READING

FDNY lifts a stupid little car that’s blocking their cool big firetruck

A few FDNY firefighters moved a little Car2Go vehicle that was in the way of their big firetruck using their rock hard muscles. J.D. Closser captured four FDNY officers bouncing and lifting the car in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn on Thursday.  “Don’t know how to parallel park? Let the FDNY help you out!”...CONTINUE READING

Kind stranger picks up firefighters’ $400 Denny’s bill after they tackled huge blaze

A group of firefighters had just finished tackling the La Cadena Fire in La Loma Hills in Southern California when they headed to their local Denny’s restaurant for a meal. Little did they know, they wouldn’t be parting with any money on this particular occasion.  SEE ALSO: Aerial videos capture terrifying wildfires scorching California Twenty-five...CONTINUE READING

Firefighters are seriously unimpressed by YouTube prankster who cemented his head in a microwave

YouTube pranksters build their audience through daring and outrageous videos — but this time they might’ve gone too far.  SEE ALSO: YouTuber films her family and friends’ reactions as she comes out and it’s so heartwarming TGFbro, a 22-year-old prankster who has 3 million subscribers on YouTube, mixed seven bags of Polyfilla, and then, with...CONTINUE READING

Wonderful human being Adele shares ‘tea and a cuddle’ with London tower firefighters

Undoubtedly, proud Londoner Adele was one of the celebrities who was most struck by the Grenfell Tower fire that killed at least 79 people last week.  SEE ALSO: Adele pays an emotional visit to Grenfell Tower in London after the fire The 29-year-old singer, who is from Tottenham, north London, showed her support to the...CONTINUE READING
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