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Can’t afford a trainer? This online fitness program could be the next best thing and it’s only $19.

Admit it: motivating yourself to get up on the couch and hit the gym is HARD. You always say that you’re going to go for a run or finally take advantage of your abandoned gym membership, but as soon as Netflix autoplays another episode of your favorite show, you convince yourself to put fitness aside...CONTINUE READING

Amazon Prime Day: Get the FlexiSpot biking and standing desks on sale for over $100 off

Everyone knows that if you have a desk job, you’re “supposed” to get up and take a little walk a few times during the day. IDK about you, but my hectic days certainly don’t leave time for a stroll around the office every hour.  That’s where standing desks and biking desks from FlexiSpot come in...CONTINUE READING

Your desk job may be killing you but this funky little ball can help

You know you’re not in your twenties anymore when cleaning the tub leads to a sore back. Even sitting at a desk, typing, and routine movements can cause aches and pains when you cross that threshold into your thirties. SEE ALSO: 6 of the best subscription boxes for fitness junkies And since time machines are not...CONTINUE READING

Squeeze in a workout 24/7 with this bicycle desk that’s on sale

You’ve probably heard recently that sitting is the new smoking. And since so many of us work in an office sitting at a desk all day, this news is pretty scary. One great solution is to invest in a standing desk. But what’s even better than a standing desk? A biking desk. We’re already pretty...CONTINUE READING

This facility offers high-tech kickboxing classes that’ll measure your strength and precision

Pact Park Kickboxing combines fitness and technology. They combine Nexersys machines with accelerometer sensors to measure the accuracy of your punches and kicks. This kind of information can help improve your weaker points and techniques. Read more…More about Health, Mashable Video, Fitness, Power, and Precision Powered by WPeMatico
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