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Venice’s worst flood in 10 years couldn’t stop this restaurant from serving pizza

Venice is currently experiencing the worst flooding it’s seen in a decade, but one restaurant refuses to let the knee-high water impact business. As the city begins to recover from the intense storms that recently hit Italy, killing several people, the restaurant in Venice has its doors open and is serving anyone daring enough to...CONTINUE READING

Dramatic photos show the devastating flooding and landslides in Japan

Japan is experiencing what could be one of the worst weather-related disasters in its history, following the heaviest rainfall the country has experienced for decades. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned of a “race against time” to rescue flood victims on Sunday, as emergency response teams in the country’s western regions search for at least 60...CONTINUE READING

Maryland residents post frightening videos of flash flooding after heavy rain

Residents and local press in Maryland posted frightening footage of destructive flash flooding on Sunday, following heavy rain across the state. Particularly affected was Ellicott City, located about 14 miles west of Baltimore, which suffered intense flash flooding along its Main Street — the very same street that was turned into a raging river amidst...CONTINUE READING

Epic deluge in Kauai may have broken all-time U.S. rainfall record, with 4 feet in 24 hours

A devastating flash flood event in mid-April caused widespread damage on the lush Hawaiian island of Kauai. Now comes word that during the 24-hour period between April 14 and 15, a staggering 49.69 inches of rain fell at a rain gauge about 1 mile west of Hanalei. If this amount is verified by the National...CONTINUE READING

As the Paris flood peaks this weekend, social media users are there to capture it

Paris is flooding. Although heavy rains that inundated the city throughout the week stopped on Friday, continued flooding from the Seine — the river that cuts through France’s capital — is still causing concern.  SEE ALSO: The Doomsday Clock is a gimmick, but why it just moved closer to midnight is deadly serious By Wednesday,...CONTINUE READING

The Seine is overflowing, but these archival photos of 1910 Paris show this has happened before

The Seine is flooding in Paris, but it’s not the first time. On Tuesday, the Seine’s water level was sitting at 16 feet — the current flood emergency level is “orange,” the highest warning below “red.” But in 1910, Parisians had to hop aboard rowboats, make deliveries through windows, and construct makeshift pathways through the...CONTINUE READING
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Mini drives through crashing waves from Storm Eleanor and do not try this at home

The phrase “don’t try this at home” has never been more relevant than when applied to the video below. SEE ALSO: Neil deGrasse Tyson explains what ‘a perfect storm’ actually means On Tuesday, Ireland was hit by Storm Eleanor. The BBC reported widespread flooding, winds of up to 100mph, and — unsurprisingly — all sorts...CONTINUE READING
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Five-storey building falls into the river, after being pounded by rain for days

A five-storey building collapsed after days of torrential rain pounding south-western China. SEE ALSO: Climate change could dump even more rain on the tropics In footage that has since gone viral, the residential building, located in Jomda county, in Tibet, is seen caving into the banks of the Ziqu River, which feeds into the Yangtze....CONTINUE READING
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