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Drink up: 8 of the best insulated, reusable water bottles

You’ve heard it before: Water is necessary for optimal health. And while we all know by now that not everyone needs to drink eight glasses of water a day, keeping hydrated throughout the day has tons of benefits. But relying on pre-packaged, bottled water to quench your thirst is just not practical, cost-effective, or environmentally...CONTINUE READING

7 of the best popcorn poppers for stepping up your snack game

Popcorn makes snack time pretty magical. For starters, it’s a healthy alternative to candy, cookies, and other junk food. It also doesn’t take too long to make and you can use a microwave or stove. Oh, and we can’t forget about movie night. Heck, what would we eat while we’re binge-watching the latest on Netflix?...CONTINUE READING

7 of the best single-serve coffee makers for your instant caffeine gratification

If you need a quick caffeine fix to get your morning going but don’t want to deal with the mess and hassle of grinding your own beans and ensuring the perfect grounds-to-water ratio, a single-serve coffee maker is your best bet.  SEE ALSO: 7 of the best coffee grinders to maximize your morning There are...CONTINUE READING

8 of the best bread machines for making your own fresh loaves at home

There’s nothing quite as appealing as the smell of a freshly baked loaf of bread. But if all that kneading and rising and kneading and rising puts you off the idea of homemade fresh loaves, a bread maker might just change your mind.  It used to be that bread makers had one option, one size,...CONTINUE READING

Ruin the holidays with these mac and cheese candy canes

‘Tis the season to be upset I guess, because mac and cheese candy canes are something you can buy now. The savory yellow-and-white striped Christmas candies created by Archie McPhee are available online for the very low price of $4.95, which truthfully is still too much to pay for cheese-flavored candy. The offending candies.Image: archie...CONTINUE READING

7 of the best soda makers for your favorite fizzy drinks

Carbonated beverages come in many varieties. There’s soda, seltzer, and spritzers to quench your thirst at home, family picnics, or happy hour. If you can’t live without a sparkling drink (or two) in your hand, you might find yourself dropping major bucks at the bar or grocery store. So why not buy yourself a soda...CONTINUE READING

Aussies are baffled over something called ‘Australian battered potatoes’

Thanks to the likes of Outback Steakhouse, Australians have grown used to Americans and their weird take on what their food is like. While they’re happy to let the awfully calorific Bloomin’ Onion slide, the Aussies are less amused about something called Australian Battered Potatoes. SEE ALSO: 5 influencer tips for taking the perfect food...CONTINUE READING
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