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Someone ordered a massive box of fried food and the internet had a lot to say about it

What will £10 ($12.84) get you in this day and age? If you live in Scotland and have a rather large appetite, it could get you this staggering amount of fried food plus a large bottle of Scottish soda Irn-Bru.  SEE ALSO: We tried avocado chocolate toast, the new ‘it’ food according to at least...CONTINUE READING

Sacha Baron Cohen tricks food critic into approving ‘ethical’ cannibalism

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America has made it clear that no one is exempt from the comedian’s satirical skewering. The latest unfortunate victim is food critic Bill Jilla, whom Cohen convinces to eat (fake) human flesh while masquerading as a Michelin star-seeking chef. SEE ALSO: Sacha Baron Cohen’s interview with Roy Moore might be...CONTINUE READING

Water will never be boring again with this infuser bottle

The Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle brings the natural flavors of your favorite fruits and citruses to your drinking water. The bottle is BPA-free and was designed to also be used for making tea and mixed drinksHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable’s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness....CONTINUE READING

We tried avocado chocolate toast, the new ‘it’ food according to at least one pop star

Like any good millennial, there are a few things I enjoy: #catsofInstagram, ’90s nostalgia, and the overwhelming sense of entitlement that comes with contributing to the demise of entire industries, like soap.  But if there’s a stereotypical millennial trait I identify with most, it’s my love of avocados.  SEE ALSO: Shout-out to this Dunkin’ Donuts...CONTINUE READING

Will chocolate or rum and Coke taste good with hummus? Jimmy Fallon finds out.

Hummus is versatile as they come when talking about dips, but just how well does it combine with Hamburger Helper, rum and Coke, or bugs? Good Mythical Morning’s Rhett & Link joined The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night to find out, proving that Fallon — at least — has a real appetite...CONTINUE READING

Shout-out to this Dunkin’ Donuts for replacing its broken drive-thru speaker with a baby monitor

Someone please give the person who thought of this a raise. Reddit user u/Limit760 posted a picture of his local Dunkin’ Donuts doing the absolute best it could in an unfortunate situation. As the post claims, a broken drive-thru speaker left the franchise with no other choice than to temporarily replace it with a baby...CONTINUE READING

Save $75 on a portable electric burner, great for anyone with a tiny house (or tiny apartment)

Whether you’re a tiny house owner looking for a way to maximize kitchen space, a frequent traveller who likes to cook wherever you go, or a wannabe food vlogger, this portable electric burner that’s on sale could be exactly what you need. SEE ALSO: 10 of the best rice cookers you can buy on Amazon...CONTINUE READING
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