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Jimmy Kimmel sent Guillermo to the Super Bowl Opening Night and it was adorable

The current trend among Late Night show hosts right now seems to be sending family members along to cover big sporting events. James Corden’s parents have done it. His sisters have done it. Jimmy Kimmel’s dad has also done it. SEE ALSO: Jennifer Lawrence asks people if they know Jennifer Lawrence Well, Guillermo may not...CONTINUE READING

Mom can’t stop laughing after learning the meaning of this NSFW word

Regardless of its definition, the word queef will continue to bring bouts of laughter to anyone who hears it.  This is simply a fact, and it’s been once again proven true by Twitter user _andreaacruzz’s mother. “I told my mom what a queef was yesterday and this was her reaction,” Cruz wrote on Twitter. “If...CONTINUE READING

Dorky dad posed with hilarious CNN headline and made his son take this classic pic

Headlines are fleeting in today’s raging political climate, but one brave dad decided to hold on to one forever.  As any slightly dorky father would, he employed his son to capture the hilariously misleading headline that appeared on a CNN chyron before Tuesday night’s State of the Union address. SEE ALSO: Here’s why you don’t...CONTINUE READING
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People are using face-swapping tech to add Nicolas Cage to random movies and what is 2018

For some people, the future of technology is synonymous with a boundless realm of opportunities. For others it’s a Black Mirror-inspired nightmare fest, where humanity is just one step away from bringing about its own, possibly robot-induced destruction. SEE ALSO: Anna Kendrick and Adam DeVine face-swapped and it’s terrifying And for others still, it simply...CONTINUE READING
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Chrissy Teigen casually trolls her hair stylist in Instagram comments

When it comes to Chrissy Teigen’s expert clapback powers, nobody is safe. Not even her own hair stylist. SEE ALSO: Chrissy Teigen throws some serious shade at 1 Oscar-nominated movie On Monday, Teigen shared a couple of snaps of herself attending a pre-Grammys party. In the post’s description, meanwhile, she shouted out her stylists. “I...CONTINUE READING

Man writes heartfelt breakup letter to his gym to end his membership

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of entering a contractual agreement with a gym, you’ll know that ending that agreement can be a difficult task. After moving out of state, Redditor Mastrrbasser needed to cancel his membership to Planet Fitness. But because Planet Fitness really doesn’t want you to cancel your membership, they make it...CONTINUE READING