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PubG Cellular Royale Go season five now to be had with MK47 attack rifle, new costumes, laser sight and extra

Key Highlights: PubG Mobile update 0.10.5 is now available on app stores for download. The new update brings Royale Pass Season 5 with the theme “Shadow vs Force”. MK47 assualt rifle, laser sight, new costumes and more added. PubG Mobilee Royale Pass season 5 is now out along with 0.10.5 update on Google Play Store...CONTINUE READING

‘Mortal Kombat 11’ is so a lot more than only a preventing recreation

Mortal Kombat tops the very short list of video games that have cemented themselves as permanent staples of pop culture. Whether it’s pro wrestlers, Wreck-It Ralph, Zayn Malik’s Met Gala outfit, or Lil Wayne and Skrillex tracks, its influence far exceeds the confines of a fighting game. You’d think after nearly three decades, it’d get...CONTINUE READING

This Nintendo Transfer used to be modded to seem like a GameCube and it regulations

The GameCube has a timeless design. That iconic, cubic form. That gray front panel that welcomes controllers. The handle on the back for east transport, for some reason. Well, Reddit user Littlewolf128 decided to pay tribute to the 2001 console by modding their Nintendo Switch dock to look like a spice orange GameCube. It looks...CONTINUE READING

6 of the most efficient gaming laptops that price not up to $1,000

My first gaming laptop cost $1,500 ten years ago, and that was considered affordable. It wasn’t a top-of-the-line model, but it wasn’t a slouch either, sporting one of the better mid-tier graphics cards and a reliable processor/RAM combination.   But my, how things have changed. Today, you can go on Amazon and find plenty of...CONTINUE READING

‘Travis Moves Once more: No Extra Heroes’ is in reality a laugh till it is in reality, in reality no longer

The following is a spoiler-free review of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Today in disappointing nosedives: the seven-level beat ’em up that refuses to end. It has been almost nine years since fans of Suda51’s No More Heroes franchise shared quality time with badass assassin and hero, Travis Touchdown. Now, back for a standalone...CONTINUE READING

Bloody ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ gameplay trailer displays off brutality and fatalities

After a teaser revealed Mortal Kombat 11 in December, the world got a bigger look at the upcoming fighting game at a community event on Thursday, including this violent gameplay trailer. Mortal Kombat 11 looks like it’s going to have everything fans love: one-on-one fighting, new and classic MK characters, and tons of bloody, brutal...CONTINUE READING

PlayStation Vintage is on sale for $45 off — the most efficient value we now have ever observed on Amazon for this unfashionable console

Want to take a trip back to 1995? No, time machines aren’t on sale today (but it would be cool if they were real). Get a taste of what it was like to grow up during the ’90s with the PlayStation Classic, which is now on sale for $54.99, or 45% off its retail price,...CONTINUE READING
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