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Apple AirPods, Nintendo Transfer, Canon printer, Toshiba HDTV, and extra offers for June 25

Fed up with your slow ancient inkjet printer? We think it’s time to get an upgrade. You can get yourself the all-in-one Canon MF236n printer for $99.99 today only on Amazon. With speeds of up to 24 pages per minute, you will save time and feel more productive. Looking for an inexpensive TV? Grab yourself...CONTINUE READING

Garage units sale, plus Alienware M15, Netgear Orbi, Samsung 4K TV, and extra for June 24

Does it ever feel like your life is falling apart when you lose your phone? All the valuable pictures you kept, thinking they would be safe on the phone, are now all gone. If this has happened to you before, don’t repeat the same mistake, back-up your data. For as little as $24, you can...CONTINUE READING

Twitter ‘make a selection your individual journey’ makes you Beyoncé’s assistant. Do not get fired!

Every so often, life serves up a reminder of why we don’t just quit social media entirely. Today’s reminder comes in the form of a Twitter game. Twitter user Green Chyna put together an incredibly clever “choose your own adventure” story that casts you as Beyoncé’s personal assistant. The goal? Survive the day without getting...CONTINUE READING

Dell Inspiron desktop, Dyson Cyclone V10, Nintendo Transfer, iPad Professional, and extra for June 23

So, do you have any plans for the Fourth of July? If not, why not gather up your buddies and host a LAN party. With so many great deals around, we think you should treat yourself to a new gaming rig. Dell is currently offering 38% off their Dell Inspiron gaming AMD Ryzen 7 2700X...CONTINUE READING

Cyberpunk 2077, Dell XPS, Nintendo Transfer, AirPods, and extra for June 22

With E3 done and dusted, What was the most memorable moment for you? For us, it would have to be Keanu Reeves on stage talking about the up and coming game Cyberpunk 2077. It was truly breathtaking when he walked onto the stage! From the makers of The Witcher, we are expecting great things from...CONTINUE READING

Meet the queer online game developer difficult trade norms

Indie game developer Robert Yang is a pioneer in the LGBTQ gaming space. Fighting against the gaming world norms, Yang’s work magnifies personal relationships between queer characters. Yang’s style, his place in the gaming industry, and his inspirations are all informed by his queer identity. Read more…More about Gaming, Mashable Video, Lgbtq, Video Games, and...CONTINUE READING