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George Lucas’ plan for the Star Wars sequels was … what now?

First a caveat: since 1977, Star Wars creator George Lucas has had a long history of making statements about his plans for future Star Wars films that do not pan out. He is, to put it politely, something of an improvisational artist.  That said, Lucas’ apparent original plan for the sequel trilogy (the movies that...CONTINUE READING

Ron Howard: ‘Solo’ is more of a George Lucas movie than you know

He may have retired from the galaxy far, far away after he sold his company for $4 billion in 2012. But Star Wars creator George Lucas has his fingerprints all over the latest movie in the Disney-Lucasfilm canon — according to his friend, Solo director Ron Howard.  Not only did Lucas come up with the...CONTINUE READING

‘The Phantom Menace’ at 19: Reconsidering the most maligned Star Wars film

The greatest rift in Star Wars fandom opened up 19 years ago this month, and it hasn’t healed over since. Even now, to provoke dark scowls or preemptive defensiveness from lovers of the saga, you need only utter three words: The. Phantom. Menace. But nearly two decades on, is it time to reconsider George Lucas’...CONTINUE READING

Did George Lucas want Luke Skywalker to survive ‘The Last Jedi’?

Four months and change after the release of The Last Jedi, we’re still not quite done processing its most shocking moment: the heroic death, from long-distance Force projection, of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.  Least of all Mark Hamill, who for all his amiability seems to enjoy armchair quarterbacking director Rian Johnson’s decision to kill off...CONTINUE READING
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