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Invoice Nye makes use of profanity and hearth to fret the enormity of local weather trade

Bill Nye just dropped a slew of F-bombs.  As a guest on the May 12 episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the storied science communicator used profanity and half-jest to make a succinct point about Earth’s rising carbon dioxide emissions, which are now at their highest levels in millions of years: CO2, a...CONTINUE READING

How the warming oceans can blind sea creatures

Pilots flying at high altitudes need extra oxygen, or they’ll start to lose vision — and eventually pass out. Similarly, creatures dwelling in the oceans also require oxygen to see. Unfortunately for them, the seas are now gradually losing oxygen, a problematic marine event known as deoxygenation. Recognizing that this loss of oxygen could also...CONTINUE READING

Fearless TV climate forecasters air the planet’s hovering carbon ranges

Mike Nelson’s weather forecasts on May 7, 2019 included more than powerful storm fronts, thick fog, and flurries of snow. The veteran meteorologist’s Denver television forecasts, delivered three times a day, flashed the planet’s current level of carbon dioxide — a potent heat-trapping gas — on the screen. This number, which is now flirting with...CONTINUE READING

Airborne NASA scientists simply filmed one thing troubling in Greenland

Scientists aboard a NASA airplane swooped over some of Greenland’s largest glaciers on Monday, spotting melted ice and raging rivers. It’s significant, because though it’s not nearly summer, large blue ponds have already formed on the icy ground. NASA’s Operation IceBridge researchers observed this as part of their mission to watch for changes in Earth’s...CONTINUE READING

SpaceX simply blasted a essential NASA device into area

NASA’s carbon-detecting sleuth has left Earth. SpaceX launched the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-3 (OCO-3) to the International Space Station (ISS) at 2:48 a.m. ET on Saturday morning aboard the company’s dependable Falcon 9 rocket. After NASA’s cargo load arrives at the ISS, astronauts will use a long robotic arm to attach the refrigerator-sized instrument to the...CONTINUE READING

Why sea creatures are fleeing their houses

There are 3,800 big thermometers floating in the ocean, and the readings don’t lie: Over 90 percent of the warming created by humans is soaked up by the seas. Unsurprisingly, many creatures are feeling the heat.  In new research published Wednesday in the journal Nature, scientists found that global warming has forced twice as many...CONTINUE READING

We are most definitely now not going to hit the sector’s maximum necessary local weather function

2 degrees Celsius.  It’s one of the most widely-publicized numbers in the world. In 2015, world leaders convened in Paris and agreed to limit the planet’s warming this century to below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-Industrial Revolution temperatures — and possibly even cap Earth’s warming at an ambitious 1.5 degrees Celsius (or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit). ...CONTINUE READING

Right here’s a very good reason why to ditch your plastic bag habit

Even in the deepest pit on Earth, at some 35,700 feet beneath the sea, there lies a white plastic bag.  Plastic pollution is now so ubiquitous on the planet that cities, counties, and even states have banned single-use plastic bags. New York is expected to soon ban the rippable, mostly useless sacks.  Yet beyond the...CONTINUE READING

Earth’s glaciers misplaced nine trillion lots of ice. That is the weight of 27 billion 747s.

Nine trillion metric tons.  That’s how much ice Earth’s glaciers lost in the 55 years between 1961 and 2016. An international team of scientists used satellite and direct field observations to conclude that Earth’s glaciers have melted such a profound sum of ice in the last half-century. They published their report Monday in the journal...CONTINUE READING

Teenagers drop eloquent local weather alternate testimony on Congress

There’s a brand new committee in the U.S. House of Representatives — the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis — and the group used its first-ever hearing to call on four young environmental leaders to testify. Their age is particularly relevant, as these youthful citizens are destined to experience the worsening consequences of a globally...CONTINUE READING
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