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Gmail freaks out customers via pronouncing a ‘new instrument signed in to’ their account

Don’t freak out.  On Monday afternoon, Gmail mistakenly sent multiple users a security alert, notifying them that an unknown device had signed into their account.  The number of affected users is currently unknown. However, according to a G Suite admin who chose to remain anonymous, the issue was widespread enough for Google to issue a...CONTINUE READING

Google simply introduced the second one model of Google Glass Endeavor Version

Google Glass may have never become a fixture in regular people’s daily lives like Google may have hoped, but the wearable device keeps on trucking. The tech giant launched a new version of Glass on Monday. As its name suggests, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 builds upon the business-focused direction Google went in with...CONTINUE READING

Google severed Huawei’s get admission to to key Android apps and products and services

Be nervous if you’re a Huawei customer. Google has reportedly stopped doing business with the Chinese tech company behind the P-series and Mate-series smartphones. Functionally, the revoked Android license means delayed Google updates and, for Huawei’s future devices, no access to apps like Gmail or the Play Store. Google confirmed the report on Saturday evening....CONTINUE READING

YouTube’s subscription song streaming carrier lags a long way at the back of its greatest competition

YouTube may be the king of online video, but its subscription music streaming service is trailing far behind its biggest competitors.   According to a report in Bloomberg, Google now has 15 million paid subscribers — a number that includes customers on free trials, per sources  — across its two paid music streaming services, YouTube Music...CONTINUE READING

After Samsung crisis, foldable telephones are a no-show at Google I/O

If foldable phones are supposed to be the future, Google missed its big chance to get people pumped about them. While they were very briefly mentioned during the main Google I/O keynote on Monday, foldable phones weren’t on display at any of its sessions. The scrapped plan, I’m told, was to have some kind of...CONTINUE READING

Google is considering a foldable Pixel, nevertheless it almost definitely may not occur quickly

Does the world really need foldable phones? If you ask Google Pixel development lead Mario Queiroz, the answer is not right now.  Speaking to CNET, Queiroz confirmed that Google has been prototyping the technology for “a long time,” but right now, the company doesn’t see a clear use case for such a phone.  SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

We attempted Google’s Stadia controller and it is … OK?

At this year’s I/O developer conference, Google shared its vision to “make a more helpful Google for everyone,” offering up a slew of useful features — AR in search, Live Captions for video, dark mode for Android, and a beefed-up Lens camera, for instance. It’s a positive and empowering mission, no doubt, but what’s up with...CONTINUE READING
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